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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 38

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2016

There were 4 rounds in total

Round 1:
Online MCQ
1) Quant
2) DS and Algo Concepts
3) DBMS and general Computer Science
4) English
(Test was common for both OFSS and Oracle Apps.)

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Technical 1:

1) Tell be about yourself?
2) Questions related to project work.
3) 2 simple codes on arrays and strings.
4) Questions on JAVA.
5) 1 SQL query (delete duplicate elements without using aggregate function)
6) 25 horses puzzle.
7) Why not higher studies?
[40 mins]

Technical 2:

1) Write a list of all data structures and explain each of them along with their applications.
2) Implement queue using stack.
3) Implement stack using queue and optimize push and pop of both.
4) Questions on Time complexity of various algorithms
5) Where is stack/queue used in web browser? Write full code explaining the same. (Ans: stack is used in back and forward button)
6) Random questions on OOPs and DBMS.
[1 hr+]

Technical 3:

1) A detailed discussion about project.
2) There is a login page. Write a code to encrypt and decrypt the password using some logic (Caesar cipher being too simple, I gave the approach to represent them in binary format)
3) A Pattern matching question (KMP algorithm)
4) Questions on normalization.
5) Where do you want to be after 5 years?
[35 mins]

The next round was HR. I was not selected for HR. Those who got into HR also got the job offer Be confident. Good communication skill is of prime importance. The approach is more important than the perfect solution.

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