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Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience | Set 68 (For Server Technology)

Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: It consisted of mcq’s of os, dbms, sql, oops, coding, debugging:basic questions which can found in geeksforgeeks quiz, time was definitely a barrier as questions were more so practice is required.

Round 2: It was a online coding contest which had 2 questions. One of the questions was Longest Palindromic Subsequence with a modification that length should be less than equal to 100.

Round 3: Personal interview : bubble sort, binary search with unsorted array can be O(n) and few questions related to resume

Round 4 : Personal interview: design a balling game with scalability and modularity, testing and coveeusing oops concepts detailed explanation of my resume.

Round 6: Few hr questions related to your future goals and resume, rate yourself out of 10 in coding, why you want to join oracle, why not masters, why you want to come to software engg after being an electrical engg etc

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