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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 69 (Application Engineer)

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Round 1 (2.5 hours) : First round was an aptitude test on AMCAT, consisting of verbal, quantative, logical reasoning and MCQs on data structures and algorithms (prepare avl trees for sure).

Round 2 (1 hour) : Second round was coding round where half of the people who gave first round were shortlisted. The questions were hard. There were 2 questions and we have to do any one of those. Questions were these :

  1. Divide an array into 4 subarrays such that sum = sum1 – sum2 + sum3 – sum4 is maximum. (sum1 denotes sum of elements of subarray)
    Conditions : sum1 occurs before sum2, which occurs before sum3 subarray and so on. Also, sum1 sum2 etc can be zero (empty subarray).
  2. Arya has N balls arranged in a row. Some balls are colored and some are not. There are some M types of colors in Arya’s world and color balls have colors out of only these given M colors.
    Arya decided to color the remaining balls and put all the adjacent balls with same color in 1 group. For example lets say after coloring the rows of balls have these colors :
    {1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 4, 5}. Then Arya can put them into following 6 groups : {1}, {2, 2}, {3, 3, 3}, {1, 1}, {4} and {5}. Arya wants these number of groups to be exactly K.

    Now the coloring also has some cost associated. So as already told that there are M colors, coloring each ball i with color j costs C(i, j).
    Arya want to use minimum paint for this task. You need to help her.
    It is guaranteed that we can paint the balls such that K groups are formed.

  3. Round 3 : I didn’t got shortlisted for 3rd round of interview. First they saw my resume and asked these questions :

    1. what exactly is machine learning?
    2. Example of where can we use machine learning in daily life
    3. what is object oriented programming?
    4. do you use whatsapp and can you write few classes of whatsapp application.
    5. How autotype works and how to implement?
    6. Explain your project related to machine learning ?
    7. Exaplain your BTP and what have you done using mysql?(I did project on each of these)
    8. given a big number find which number(0-9) frequency is more
    9. small puzzle–gold for 7 days of work

    Everything went well but not shortlisted for 3rd round. Gave offers for only 3 students at the end.

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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2017
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