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Oracle Interview Experience for Software Developer 2019

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019
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Recruitment Procedure :

  1. Online Test
    1. The test was around 110 to 120 minutes and had only MCQ questions with single option correct
    2. Questions were from following domains
      1. General Aptitude
        1. Everyday Mathematics
        2. Algebra
        3. General questions on Mental Ability Test
      2. DSA knowledge
        1. Most questions were from AVL trees
        2. Some questions on generic algorithms and time complexity
        3. Design problems with empty sections where the correct pseudocode were to be filled
      3. Operating Systems
        1. Surface level questions from the course
      4. Database
        1. Questions on queries, joins and ACID properties were asked
        2. ( This website is useful in this case)
      5. Computer Networks
        1. Surface level questions from the course
      6. English proficiency
        1. Grammar Questions
        2. Sentence re-sequencing
        3. Semantically accurate sentence
    3. You can choose which section to solve first and each section had its individual time limit from 6 to 15 minutes
  2. Technical Interview (I)
    1. It was more like a résumé discussion round and the interviewer asked me about my latest project ( Blockchain )
      1. He told me to explain Blockchain in Layman’s term
      2. How does a blockchain follows ACID properties without having a central database
      3. How can generics be implemented on Blockchain Ledgers.
    2. Was asked to write a program on reversing a linked list
      1. Was given test cases to dry run the code
      2. All possible cases where the code would fail
    3. Was asked to write a program on detecting a loop in linked list
      1. Was asked to give all possible approaches I can think of and what are the trade off between them.
  3. Technical Interview (II)
    1. I  was told that floyd cycle detection algorithm has been reduced from a general approach
      1. Was asked to look at the broader picture and how the algorithm was derived ( not the proof )
      2. Provide proof of the parts mathematically
    2. I was asked my views on SQL vs NoSQL and when to use what
    3. Were asked some questions and was given 10-15 second to solve
      1. make 6 from three 1
      2. make 6 from three 10
    4. I was asked the scope of dynamic programming and trade offs involved with real life cases
  4. HR Round
    1. Was asked about routine of a generic day
    2. He looked at my résumé and asked why my CG is low as compared to my peers and any achievement that compensates for it
    3. He looked at my résumé again and asked about any project where I had a major setback because of Time/Space complexity issues
    4. Was asked questions like why should not they hire me
    5. I was then asked what 3 things should an organization look in a potential candidate and what 3 things a candidate looks for in their dream company

Sources of Preparation

  1. Interviewbit / Leetcode( Programming practice )
  2. GFG ( last minute notes and theoretical concepts of DSA )
  3. java-t-point ( OOP concepts )
  4. Oracle Tutorial ( SQL basics )


  1. When you are stuck at some part of the algorithm ask them for hints ( they are generally helpful )
  2. Avoid saying I cannot solve it / I don’t know give it a try and ask for help if necessary ( Past Experiences )

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