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Oracle Interview Experience for Server Technology Engineer | On-Campus 2021

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Oracle came hiring for the position of Application Developer Engineer and Server Technology Engineer. The cutoff was 7 CGPA and the position was open for all branches.

There were total 4 rounds: 1 online MCQ Test and 3 Tech Interview rounds(Online)

Round 1(MCQ Test): Online MCQ round had Aptitude based questions, Technical MCQs, Coding-based MCQs, English language-based MCQs. It was a total of 107 minutes while each section had its own unique duration.


  1. Aptitude(Common aptitude and math questions)
  2. Coding Skills (Questions on BST, AVL Trees, Red-Black Trees, C Output, Flowchart diagram)
  3. Computer Science(OS, OOPs, DBMS, SQL, Computer Networks)
  4. English (Grammar, Synonyms, Passage reading, etc.)

Round 2(Technical Round): The Interviewer asked me to introduce myself first and then went on to ask me coding questions.

The interviewer asked me to share the screen and write some codes on a text editor, the questions were:

  1. Print all subarrays with sum equal to  0  
  2. Delete BST Nodes outside given range
  3. Given two string check if second is rotation of first (Practice)

I was able to answer all three questions, he did not ask any further questions. At last, he asked me if I had any questions for him.

Round 3(Technical Round): ML Round (Because my resume is ML oriented since I have done ML Projects and ML internship),

  • The Interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then went on with questions on ML: definitions, terminologies, differences between ML and AI.
  • He asked me to write the equation for linear regression and its loss function. I wrote a linear regression function for two parameters and loss function of mean squared error, then he asked me what will be the steps to train this model and how will the parameters change after 2 epochs.
  • After this, he asked me to make a flowchart of the whole process from receiving the data, training the model to how it will be deployed.
  • He did not ask me any further questions after this except if I had any questions for him. Then, I was asked to wait in the waiting room.

Round 4(Technical Round): The Interviewer asked me how my day has been and if I am tired (as my interview process went on from 11 am to 5 pm), Then he asked me to introduce myself and went on with the following questions:

2 DSA Problems:

  1. Return kth node from end of linked list using one loop
  2. Get the intersection point of two Linked Lists

I answered both problems correctly.

  • Further, he asked me questions on OOPs – it’s definitions and examples. Then he asked me how to design a system of multiple lifts for a building. I answered the question but he was not satisfied with the answer, so he explained a bit about it and how to approach the problem and then, he switched to my project.
  • It was related to CNN and OpenCV, and is used to detect if a person is wearing a mask or not using webcam images as input. With this, interview was over. This was the last round of my interview.
  • The first and third rounds went on for 40-45 minutes each while the second was the longest as it lasted for about an hour.

The result came later that evening, and I was offered the role of Server Technology Engineer


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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2021
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