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Netapp Interview Experience for Solution Engineer | On-Campus 2020

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Round 1 Online Assessment (2 hr.): Online Assessment of consists of MCQ related to Aptitude, Netapp Work Culture, Storage Systems, Linux/Unix, etc.  It also has few video-based questions that you have to answer in 1 minute.

Round 2 Zoom Video Call Technical Round (30min):

  1. Booting Process of a Computer.
  2. Design a website database and how would you scale it?
  3. What technologies would you use to design a website?
  4. Basic question on OOPS, DBMS(Normalization 2NF,3NF, BCNF, Acid Properties etc.), CN(Routing Protocols, OSI Model), OS(Process Vs Threads, Multithreading).  

Verdict – Rejected

2 Girls got the offer.

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Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2021
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