BlackBuck Interview Experience | On-Campus for SDE FTE


Online test was on Interviewbit platform.The duration of test was 60 minutes.There were 2 coding questions.


2) Find the number of contiguous subarray sum between two given numbers.

Around 25 were selected for interviews.


Round 1

He asked to introduce,.i.e., tell something about yourself.

Asked two coding questions related to strings and said to code them with minimum possible time complexity.


2) Given a string text and a string pattern.Return a vector with starting indices of substrings in string text having that substring as anagram of pattern.

Around 18 were selected for round 2.

Round 2

He asked to introduce.

Asked two coding questions and said to code them with minimum possible time complexity.At the start itself,interviewer said that we will focus more on time complexity.

1) Given an array consisting of temperature for each day.For each day,need to find that after how many days there will be warmer temperature.If not possible take 0.Return that array as output.

2) Given an array in sorted order with repeating numbers and a target value.Find the starting and ending indices of target value in array.Return a vector.If target not present in given array,return[-1 -1].

Around 10 were selected for round 3.

Round 3

He asked to introduce.

1) Asked about my internship project.

2) Some operating system concepts.Paging,Semaphores.

3) Indexing concept.

4) Locks in Concurrency Control.

5 were selected for round 4.

Round 4(HR Round)

1) Tell about yourself.

2) Tell about your around 3.5 years in college.

3) Asked to tell any event in college performed by you which shows some features about you(like in club,organization,association,etc. in college). 

4) I belong to computer science branch,so she asked what you likes most and what excites you in about CSE.

5) Asked about their company,that what do you know about company.

6) Where will you see yourself after few years.

7) Are you hard working or smart working.So explain with past experience example.

8) What type of work you expect for you in BlackBuck.

9) Asked about my family.

We thought,interviews are over(considering this was last round).But after 4 hours company called again for last round interview with head of engineering in the company.They titled it as ‘SDE Leadership Interview’.

4 were called for Round 5.

Round 5(SDE Leadership Interview)

It was just for 10 minutes.Taken by Head of Engineering of company.

Asked about my internship experience.Some basic questions on my project.My project was based on MATLAB.He asked me whether MATLAB is compiler language or scripting language.

He asked me difference between compiler language or scripting language.C++,Java,Python comes under which one.

Which language you prefer to code mostly and why.

Is Object Oriented Programming possible with python.It is not.So he asked why.

Then at last,he asked me whether I have any questions for him.

3 were selected and I was one among them. 🙂

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