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Round 1 Online Assessment 90min 3 Coding questions 30 MCQs from OS, CN, Linux, DBMS, etc. Round 2 Zoom Video Call Technical Round 1 (50… Read More
Round 1 Online Assessment (2 hr.): Online Assessment of consists of MCQ related to Aptitude, Netapp Work Culture, Storage Systems, Linux/Unix, etc.  It also has… Read More
Netapp visited our campus this December for an internship drive. The process was fast and smooth. The process happens in 5 rounds: Coding Technical Managerial… Read More
Round 1: 3 coding questions and MCQ. There was a pool of questions and everyone got a different set of questions. Given a number represented… Read More
July 2020(Technical Support Engineer) VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (VELLORE CAMPUS) ROUND 1: It was an online test of 2.5 hrs. it consists of three sections:… Read More