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InfoEdge Virtual Interview Experience for FTE Software Engineer (On-Campus 2020)

Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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InfoEdge visited our campus (DTU) for full-time employees for its Noida office. All the rounds were held on Virtual over MS Teams.

Round 1:  

This was the elimination round. There were 40 MCQs that had to be solved in 40 or 45 minutes. First, there were 15 Aptitude/Quant based problems to be solved in 20 minutes, and then there were 25 questions related to CS Therory and  C/C++ input outputs as well as pointer-based concepts for which there were 25 minutes. According to me, the time was very less so, You had to be quick in order to answer all the questions, but it was not difficult. The platform for the test was Infoedge’s own ( If you have practiced enough of GeeksQuiz on GFG, this round would be a piece of cake. Finally, around 28 were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2 (Tech interview 1):

This along with all succeding rounds were virtual technical interviews over MS Teams. My interviewer was a very friendly person.  The interview kicked off with him asking me to introduce myself. He then asked me what all tech stacks I have worked with, and whether I was comfortable with data structures and algorithms or not. 

Then he moved towards Computer Networks, like we talked about , DNS, MD5 hash, SSL, HTTP/s. Then he moved to DSA,.

The problem was like “We have a page and some keywords, we have to return minimum size snippet containing maximum number of keywords”. I first suggested tree based approached, then after some hints, I moved to Graph + Hash Map approach, He was satisfied with this approach. This round ended by him asking “do you have any ques?”, I replied NO…!

Around 14 students were selected for next Round.

Round 3 (Tech Interview 2):

This round was shorter than the first round. So, I introduced myself, then he shifted to coding ques, CodePair was used for this round, I was asked two Coding Problems for this round, for which I’ve to write algo.

1.  The problem was very easy, Given a BST, I’ve to find, whether the BST contains a root to leaf path sum equal to some ‘k’ [HERE]

2. This was comparatively challenging for me, Problem statement was “In a party of N people, only one person is known to everyone. Such a person may be present in the party, if yes, (s)he doesn’t know anyone in the party. We can only ask questions like “does A know B? “. Find the stranger (celebrity) in the minimum number of questions.” [HERE]

Then he asked some OS (LRU), DBMS (ACID properties) 

This round also ended by him asking “do you have any ques?”, I replied NO…!

Around 8 were shortlisted after this round.

Round 4 (Tech Interview 3):

This round was comparatively easier than preceding rounds. So, Firstly I introduced myself, The interviewer was very Frank, He said he has his youger boy with the same name as mine. This round was fun.. ,then he shifted to GeneralI CN Ques, Like What happens if you hit any URL, How Gmail maintains Login State of any User, Hashing Techniques, DNS, OSI, etc.

This round also ended by him asking “do you have any ques?”, I replied NO…!…again..!

Round 5 (HR interview):  

This was an informal conversation with the HR  who was super cool and she talked with us like friends. She asked me what all I loved and what all I had done in the past 3 years. I told him about my hobby in Guitar and Cricket. She then asked me why I chose CSE over other branches in other college. The next question was why I was interested in working with InfoEdge. The interview concluded.

I think, secondary focus of interviews primary being DSA, was Computer Networks. 

Finally, 5 students were selected for an FTE role at the post of SDE-1, and happily, I was one of them. I would like to thank GFG, Interviewbit and Leetcode as well as Coding Blocks for providing such good study and practice materials for interview preparation.

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