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NetApp Interview Experience

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July 2020(Technical Support Engineer)


It was an online test of 2.5 hrs. it consist of three sections:

1. MCQ based on storage systems, cloud computing.

2. psychometric questions.

3. Video recording based general  questions like: why should we hire you, how can you contribute to our company etc.

14 students selected from all the campuses(MCA)


This round took around 2 hours.

It was the technical interview. the interviewers were quite comfortable and friendly.  they helped at the points where i was stuck and that too because they want to check how quickly i am catching up their point and then  how accurately i am answering. they were asking the basic questions to check how good  i am with the concept.

and when i was able to answer correctly they deep dived into the topic to check how long and how deep i can go with my basics.

the questions were:

  • what do you know about the role we are offering?
  • what is you understanding about the storage systems?
  • Differentiate between NAS and SAN
  • what is DAS. give an example of DAS.
  • What do you know about RAID
  • concept of striping and mirroring.
  • Full form of RAID
  • do we have even number of disks in mirroring or odd or both?
  • reading is faster in mirroring or writing.?
  • why do we need RAID
  • what is the need of parity?
  • difference between different level of RAID
  • what is actually stored in the parity.
  • how many disks are required in RAID 0
  • what if one disk fails.


This was the interview with manager . The manager too was very polite and gentle. he just asked me general questions only like about my family and my interests.

like i am national level chess player and the manager also plays chess so the break point was the discussion about chess 

this round took around around 45 minutes.


This was the last round i.e HR, 

The HR first introduced herself very nicely and tells me how they treat their interns and what are the facilities they provide to them.

After that she started questioning me. She just wanted to check how multi tasking and flexible i can be and how confident  i am.

so the questions were like:

  • tell me about yourself.
  • what do you want to be a part of netapp
  • tell me everything you know about the company
  • tell me your three strengths
  • why do you think you are suitable for the role we are offering.
  • why you want to be on this technical support role even after having background of coding.
  • tell me about the times when you feel you have achieved something great
  • discuss about your academic journey throughout

so this was the last round and they selected two students and i was one of them 

My advice to you is to be confident even if you dont know the answer just say it but dont lose the confident or dont get confused. try to answer with all the details you know about the concept. also it is must to do the roper web search of the company before the interview .

i would like to thanks GFG as it is just like one of those true friends who is having knowledge of every concept and is there to help you anytime.




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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021
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