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Mozilla Firefox vs Brave

Last Updated : 29 Apr, 2022
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Firefox is one of the widely used web browsers as it is free for everybody means you don’t need to pay any money for its use but you should follow the license agreement and community guidelines for its use. Development credit for this software goes to Mozilla Foundation.

Brave is a privacy concerned web browser that is built by Brave software Incorporation. The development credit for this software goes to Brendan Eich. Brave is developed using C++, Javascript and Swift programming languages. It has MPL 2.0 license. Brave is becoming popular in the market due to its ad-blocking and privacy assurance features. It is an open-source and free software made to enhance the browsing experience.


Following is a table of differences between Firefox and Brave:




1. Firefox is a much older web browser that provides a good browsing experience. It is a new web browser that was launched in the year 2016. 
2. It does not disable ads on any web page or website. It comes with an in-built ad blocker capability to block all unnecessary ads.
3. Its privacy and security features are good and ensure data protection. It is best known for ensuring the privacy of the user and hence becoming popular.
4. It lacks in an anonymous browsing feature using tor.  Tor functionality is enabled to give an anonymous browsing experience.
5. The default search engine is Google. Brave search is its default search engine.
6. It does not provide many customizing features. A lot of customizing features are available for the user.
7. It does not automatically disable website trackers. It disables all the trackers automatically.
8. On the basis of different performance tests, it was found that Firefox’s performance score is much lower than brave. On the basis of different performance tests, it was found that Brave performance score is much higher than Firefox.

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