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Prerequisite: Qubit Representation A multi-qubit system is a collection of multiple qubits, treated as a single system. In classical computing, a system of N bits… Read More
We use SQL DELETE Query to delete data with some condition from MySQL Table. Syntax: This will delete all rows of customers’ tables but everything… Read More
Introduction: Learn to create a table in MySQL database using NodeJS. We will see how to use the Create Table command in NodeJS using the… Read More
Introduction: We use the SQL ORDER BY Clause to sort the data with respect to some column value in ascending or descending order. Syntax: SELECT… Read More
Introduction: Learn about Selecting data from MySQL database using node.js. We are going to use standard SELECT FROM SQL Query. Syntax: SELECT [column] FROM [table_name]… Read More
DROP TABLE Query is used to Delete or Drop a table from MySQL Database. Syntax: This will delete users table. But this will throw error… Read More
Structured Query Language or SQL is a standard database language that is used to create, maintain, destroy, update and retrieve the data from relational databases… Read More
For Full-Time 2021 Round 1(Online Coding Test): The Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank, 2 questions were asked  I don’t remember the exact questions, The… Read More
Given two arrays A[] and B[] consisting of N integers representing the amount of each type of candies and maximum consumable limit respectively, and an… Read More
Round1 (Online coding round) : This round had 3 questions 1) Infix to post fix conversion 2) This question was same as level order traversal… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the reason for the run-time error and its solution. Runtime Error: A runtime error in a program is an… Read More
I applied to the company in November 2020 and I was given two choices (Software developer / Go-To-Market). The Go-To-Market role had Sales Development /… Read More
Given two arrays arr1[] and arr2[], the task is to find the longest subarray of arr1[] which is a subsequence of arr2[]. Examples: Input: arr1[]… Read More
NPAV generally conducts on-campus pen and paper tests as the first round. All questions were to be solved using C/C++ only. The total time allotted… Read More
The AWS EFS(Elastic file system) and AWS EBS(Elastic block storage) are two different types of storage services provided by Amazon Web Services. This article highlights… Read More
Given an integer N denoting the number of connected cities ( numbered from 1 to N ) and a 2D array arr[][] consisting of pairs… Read More
Given a string str, the task is to split the string into maximum number of unique substrings possible and print their count. Examples:   Input: str… Read More
Given a string str, the task is to find all the duplicate characters present in a given string in lexicographical order without using any additional… Read More
The task is to build the bookshop management system using file handling in C++ that helps to keep track of all the book records in… Read More
AVL Tree: It is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree where the Balance Factor cannot be more than one for all nodes. Balance Factor can be… Read More