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JIRA Installation

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2023
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Jira is a project management tool that is widely used by software development teams. Jira was designed to help teams plan, track, and manage their projects more efficiently. Jira provides a range of features, including issue tracking, project management, agile development, collaboration tools, and more, making it a powerful tool for teams of all sizes. It was developed by Atlassian and it is used by thousands of organizations around the world,

Features of Jira

  • It is a powerful tool that can help you manage your projects more efficiently.
  • It has many features that can help you stay organized and on track.
  • Originally Jira was designed for software development teams, Jira has now become a versatile tool adopted by teams in various industries and domains.
  • Jira offers extensive customization options, integration with other tools and services, and a wide range of plugins and add-ons to extend its functionality.

How to Get Started with Jira?

To get started with Jira follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Jira website and sign up for a free trial or create an account after that you can start creating projects in Jira.
  • To create a project, click on “Create project” button on the Jira dashboard.
  • Now select a project type according to your need and then enter the name of your project and a key for the project.
  • You can set up your project by adding issues, customizing workflows, and configuring settings also you can invite team members to your project by adding them to your Jira account.
  • You can manage your projects by tracking issues, assigning tasks, and collaborating with your team through Jira.
  • You can customize Jira by adding plugins and integrations by exploring the Jira documentation and join the community to learn more about Jira.

How to Install Jira

To install Jira on your device you need to follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Download the Jira installer from the Atlassian website or simply click on the following link.

Step 2: Now look for latest release and we can now choose the required version of Jira as suitable for our system. It is available for windows, linux, and MacOS. After selecting the version click on the download button to install the Jira Installer. Accept the terms and conditions and click on submit button and the file will start installing.

Search latest release

Choose according to your system

Step 3: After the file has been installed click on the file and click on Run as administrator. The Installer wizard will now start installing. Now we will be redirected to the Jira Software Installation wizard. We don’t need to change anything simply click on next 3 times and then click on install to install Jira Core on our systems.

Install Jira

It will take about 5 mins

Step 4: After it is installed we will see Installation of Jira Software is complete. Tick the Start Jira Software now button to complete the installation and finally tick the Launch Jira Software in the browser option and click Finish to complete the installation.
Jira core

Jira core

Step 5: Now we will be redirected to setup Jira in our web browser. Now click on I’ll set it up myself option. Then click on Continue to MyAtlassian button. After that, we are needed to set up our database connection.

Jira setup

Click on continue to MyAtlassian

Step 6: Now you need to setup the database in which you want to work. In Jira, you can work with MYSQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, etc. You can either setup a Built in database connection or you can also setup your own database. In this case we are choosing Built in database and then click on Next button. Now wait for a while till your database set up.

Database setup

Click on Next button and wait for a min

Step 7: After successful set up of our database, now we are required to set up application properties by providing an application title, mode of sharing data, and base URL for installation of Jira and then click on Next button.

Steup application properties

Step 8: After setting up of application properties we need to specify a license key to set up Jira. As we are using it for the first time, we are required to generate a trial license. So click on generate a Jira trial license option and copy the server ID as it will be required in further steps. Now we are required to enter our License Key but we do not have any right now so we will create a License Key. In case the page is not loading then we can also visit the link and go to our profile and choose licenses.
Specify license key

Step 9: Now a support page will appear on the screen but we need to simply click on the New Trial License option which is at the opposite side of Licenses.


Step 10: Now for creating a new License we are required to choose the product for which we need the trial license. We need to choose the Jira Software option from the list to create a trial license for Jira Software.
New Trial License

Step 11: Now in Jira software there are two types of license so we need to choose the Jira Software (Data Center) type and then we are required to give name of our organization. Don’t change the instance and paste the server ID which we copied from step-8. Then simply click on Generate License button on the bottom.

New Trial License

Step 12: Now we can see our license has been generated and a License key is also mentioned which we were asked for in step-8 . So now we are required to copy the License Key and then we will paste it in the box as mentioned in step-7.


Step 13: Now we need to paste the License Key that was generated into the box asking for our License Key and then click on Next button to set up our administrator account.

Specify license key

Step 14: After we have completed generating our license key now we are required to set up an administrator account. We are needed to provide our credentials like name, email, password. Kindly make sure the password should not be same as that of your Atlassian account. After filling out the details click on Next button.
Setup administrator account

Step 15: Now it will ask us to set up email notifications settings so that Jira can email notification to us. We are skipping it at the moment but we can enable it if you want and click on Finish button.

Setup email notifications

Step 16: Now Jira has almost been installed but we are needed to specify the Language in which we want to use Jira. We are choosing English at the moment but you can choose your own langauge.

Welcome screen

Step 17: In the last step of installing Jira, we are required to choose an avatar in order to help others to identify us on Jira so click on Choose an avatar option and choose a avatar of your choice and click on Next button.

Choose avatar

Jira is now finally and successfully installed on our system and now we can start working on it by either creating a new project, import a project and make use of tools and services offered by Jira.

Import project


Jira is a powerful project management tool which help teams of all sizes to manage their projects efficiently and in an easy way. Jira provides a vast range of features for developers so that they can stay organized and on track. With its customizable features and integrations, Jira can be tailored to meet team’s specific needs.

By following above mentioned steps we can install Jira and can get started with Jira. It will help us as developers to make use of Jira , the tools and services offered by Jira in order to ease our work.

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