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MAQ Software Assessment & Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Branches Eligible: CS/IT / MCA

Eligibility Criteria: 65% in 10th, 12th/Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation Aggregate, No Live Backlog

Process: Online Test, Technical, HR Interview

Online Test: The online test consisted of 30 minutes of 30 aptitude questions with a negative marking of 0.25 marks + a Coding round of 60 minutes(4 questions) use python for better format outputs.

Aptitude Test: Questions were based on time-speed-distance, profit-loss, ratio-proportion, probability, some puzzles from geeks for geeks as well, etc.

Coding Test: Use Python to get the same format output.

Q.1 Write a function to Delete a node from a Singly Linked List without a head node? (You have to write full Solution from scratch)

Q.2 Write a function to get Intersection from two arrays?

Q.3 Given an integer N, Fing the least positive integer X made up only of one or more occurrences of 9 and zero or more occurrences of 0, such that, X is a Multiple of N?

Q.4 Write a function to get string is a Palindrome or Not?

There were 3 technical interview rounds (Online on MS- Teams Due to COVID-19). 

Interview round 1: First question was on string, given a string at the end of which the length of string was given(there can be blank spaces also at the end) I was told to find the length of the actual string( excluding the last part, which is the actual string length eg “abcd 36”, o/p -> 6 ). The second question I was asked in this round is to check the given string is palindrome or not using RECURSION only. Then the interviewer asked about ACID properties and Run-time polymorphism. 

Interview round 2: The first question in this round was given a paragraph in the form of a string, print the words in the paragraph in decreasing order of their frequency and the interviewer asked to optimize the approach. After this, the interviewer began asking HR-related questions how many members in the family, why should we hire you.. and remember it’s MAQ – Managerial Accounting Quarterly. 

Interview Round 3: I was selected after the second round itself but the third-round happened with other candidates.

Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2021
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