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MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 19 (On Campus Internship)

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MAQ Software visited our campus for Software Intern on 26th April 2018 about 120 students applied for it.

Round 1: Round 1 was nothing but CV shortlisting. They shortlisted 18 candidates out of 120 based on their Knowledge, CV and CGPA.

Round 2 (HR+Technical): After shortlisting the interview as scheduled on 28th July. The interview was held on SKYPE.  This was basically HR+Technical round. The interviewer was very Professional. He first greeted me with Good Morning, I greeted him back. Then he asked ” How are you?“, I replied fine. Then he asked few usual HR questions like tell me about yourself and what’s your family background, I answered them honestly. Then he started asking about my previous works. I had a previous project on Compiler Designing so I told him about that. He asked me to illustrate my winter works in detail. I explained my works to him, he was looking impressive. Then he asked whether I know machine learning or not. I said “Not Much Sir, I just have basic overview of ML“. He then asked me “How google speech to text works?” . I explained him the logic behind it . Then he asked me some basic SQL queries . As I am good at SQL, I answered them all. He then asked me the full form of DDL and DML . DDL stands for Data Definition Language and DML stands for Data Manipulation Language. He asked me about Normalization and Transaction. He was looking very much satisfied with my answers. He then asked me “Why do you want to join MAQ?” I answered it saying MAQ is a good platform for a beginner to learn and as I am looking forward to learn new technologies it’s the best suited for me. He said “OK Danish that’s all from my side, Do you have any questions?” Then I asked him about the Company and how it works. He told me briefly about the company. Then he said “It was nice talking to you“.

6 out of 18 students were offered summer internship and I was one of them.

PS : Few tips for interviews, Always be yourself, Don’t panic, Just relax and answer the question carefully and never underestimate any company. Every company is equally good I underestimated WIPRO and didn’t sit for it and at last I end up with MAQ. Life is injustice sometimes. I was lucky that I got an internship somewhere but many of my friends didn’t get internship anywhere. So whatever be the company if you get a chance their just take it. Not every one is lucky enough to get internship at a good company.

Thank You !!!
This article was contributed by Danish

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2018
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