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MAQ Software Interview Experience for FTE+Internship (On-Campus)

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MAQ software visited our campus in October (virtually).  They conducted 4 rounds

Round 1 (Aptitude + Coding round): Aptitude Questions (30 questions for 30 minutes)

Easy to moderate level questions on quants like train speed-related, boat stream related, etc.  Some questions were based on puzzles like minimum time required to cross a bridge at night with one torch this article 

Note: There was negative marking for wrong answers.

Coding Questions (4 questions for 60 minutes)

Questions that I faced in my set

  1. Number of handshakes. 
  2. Convert decimal number into a hexadecimal number.
  3. Find least D digit number with its digits’ sum equal to S.
  4. Simple binary tree implementation.

Some other questions which were there in my friends’ set:

Note:  You could submit your solution once only no resubmitting was allowed. Also all inputs for these questions were given in string form, like if inputs are numbers from 1 to 4 then they were given like “1,2,3,4” (Separated by commas).  So required extra code to separate these numbers. 

Round 2 (Technical 1 for 45 minutes):

  • Tell something about yourself.
  • Asked to write code for Spiral Matrix on while screen sharing was on.
  • ACID properties.
  • Indexing in DBMS
  • Join based SQL query
  • What is searching and sorting (project-based)

Round 3 (Technical 2 for 30-45 minutes):

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Why MAQ?
  • Asked to write code related to finding the number of occurrence of words in a given sentence. And return an array of strings containing words in their decreasing order of occurrence.  (I could not write the whole code even in 20 minutes, so the interviewer told me to just tell him approach, with which he was satisfied.)
  • What data structure you will use to find total time spent by employees in the office given their check-in and check-out times, like
E1Check-in9:00 am
E1Check-out10:00 am
E1Check-in12:00 pm
E1Check-out1:30 pm
  • So, total time spent by E1 is (10-9) + (1:30-12) ie 2hrs:30mins
  • Asked about outer join and its usage example

Round 4 (HR+Technical 3 for 30 minutes):

  • Tell something about yourself
  • Your area of interest
  • Your Strengths and weakness.
  • While reviewing my resume he asked a little about internships and my role in them.
  • Asked what is a server (internship based)
  • Asked about normalization and denormalization. Along with the advantage of one over the other.
  • Asked solution for a situation where a site is slow to respond, then what can be done to improve.
  • Asked for an approach to develop a system that checks whether people are following social distancing or not while passing through a society gate.
Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2020
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