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LTI Interview Experience 2020

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It was the third week of August when LTI first sent the mail to our college TPO saying that they will be coming to our college for the recruitment and to confirm a day slot for the placement of LTI.

In the mail, they described what the assessment module consists of. Like quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, technical MCQs, paragraph writing, psychometric test, and coding. So there was also given as level 1 and level 2, those who will clear test without coding was given level 1 and with coding was given level 2 titles. Since our placement was virtual so we had only two rounds after the online assessment which were technical and HR.

There were about 300 – 400 students that appeared for the test as the company was accepting students from all the branches. 

Online Test: The online test or assessment took place in the first week of September. The questions were kind of easy for me since I was practicing and studying from online sources. I am not from CS/IT background but from an ECE background. If you are a guy who is interested in IT domains and keeps yourself updated about the CS subjects like HTML, CSS, DBMS, OS, CN though you are not from CS/IT background then I can say that you will feel the technical MCQs quite easy. After that, we got our test result in the second week of September to be precise after 5 days and only 113 were able to make it. After that, I waited for a technical interview. 

Technical Interview: Finally, there was a technical interview scheduled for us in the second week of October. Before the technical interview, I watched lots of interview experience videos and also read all experiences from this portal and thanks to them all who posted their experience about LTI. So today I also want to help you in the same way how I was helped.

In the technical round, the interviewer first asked me to tell me something about yourself. After that he asked me about the OOPS concept, also why the inheritance is important, method overloading, and method overriding then he asked me which programming language I know, project if I have done any, and explain it, and then he went for DBMS, he asked whether I know DBMS or not, then he asked the difference between relational and non-relational database, joints, constraints, keys in DBMS also he asked me why I wanted to come to IT being a student of non-IT background and at last, he asked me to ask him a question if I have.

After 5 days from the technical interview, we got the list and about 53 were able to make it to HR. 

HR Round: Then the HR interview happened, he asked me to tell me about yourself at first then he asked me to explain the OOPS concept with a real-life example, SDLC in real life, and he asked me some analytical ques which I am not remembering right now, sorry for that. 😀 After the HR interview we got the selected list in the third week of October and only 16 got selected, and I am one of them.

So keep doing your hard work, keep yourself updated about trending technologies. See all previous experiences from others too. You will and you can make it happen. Be confident and answer confidently, keep smiling in front of the interviewer try to make good communication.

All the very best to you.

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Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020
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