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LTI Interview Experience | On-Campus September 2020

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I had appeared for the LTI recruitment process in September 2020. I think cracking the LTI process should not be a hard thing if you are comfortable even just with the basics.

Round 1: 

  • The aptitude round consisted of some numerical and verbal aptitude questions (they were quite easy). Along with this, there were questions from technical subjects such as C/C++ programming, operating systems, Databases, and computer networks. And then 2 coding questions of the easy level were there. So only the technical subject part was little tricky everything else was easy.

Round 2: 

  • Technical Interview was based on the same subjects I mentioned above OS, DBMS, CN. Additionally, prepare with Object-oriented Programming concepts in CPP. These were also very basic questions like what is polymorphism, what is operator overloading, inheritance, etc. From DB SQL query related 2 questions asked. In my interview, I got these 5-6 questions only from SQL and OOP and I knew the answers so went well for me. This lasted for not more than 20 minutes.

Round 3: 

  • HR interview is just to check your behavior or language/communication skills. Don’t worry about HR, you are almost 99% selected now. She asked me my name, my background, my strength and then told me they have offices in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc, and asked whether I am willing to relocate. I said yes. And that’s all. Finished in 10-15minutes. Selected.

Group Discussions were not there. And they had 2 years of bond agreement to be made during the date of joining.

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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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