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KPMG On Campus Placement Experience-2019

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Position : Analyst : Risk Consulting – Forensic – Contract Compliance Services (CCS)

(CCS) Location : Pan India

Round 1:

Before sitting for the drive in college you need to clear an assessment test.This test needs to be taken at home within the specified timeline.For the assessment test, you need to have a webcam compulsorily as your activity is recorded.Do not toggle between tabs as it will lead to termination of your test.The test is conducted on KPMG’s own site.The test contains about 125 questions out of which 90 questions are related to Corporate Ethics.Questions will be MCQ type.Some examples:

1)How do you convince your teammate who is not coordinating?

2)You are the project lead and want to decide the name for the product, how would you do?

3)What if you are not able to meet client deadlines/requirements?

4)Will you be a perfectionist?

Some of the questions whose options will be like:

1.Strongly Agree


3.Somewhat Agree


5.Strongly Disagree

Try to give the most honest and the one which suits best corporate ethics.

You have plenty of time for the test.I guess 125 min(Don’t quote me on this)

These 90 questions will be solved in about 30 mins or so.Do not try to google on phone as your face will be continuously recorded.The last 30 questions will be from Quants. RS agarwal and Indiabix is enough. Try to get all of these correct. I felt these question were the major criteria for selection as Corporate Ethics everyone will get correct.Since you have plenty of time remaining for these questions, you can easily solve all of them.

P.S- There is no negative marking.

After this assessment from 240 around 60 were shortlisted.

Round 2:

This round takes place in college. In the morning we have ppt talk and then Group Discussion. We were split into groups of 12 each. Each group had 2 panel members to judge.Time for GD is 15 min.From each of these 5 groups, 4-5 from each group were selected for next round.

This is important to note as your body language gets tested in such GDs.

The topics for GD were:

1)NDA vs UPA

2)Job vs Entrepreneurship

3)Is GD necessary for Jobs?


If you wish to crack any GD, remember some rules:

1)Either start the GD if you are well versed with the topic.You get marks for opening the GD.

2)Try to have at least 3-4 appearances in GD.

3)Show leadership skill. If someone is not participating in GD, just after you make a point, immediately say ‘I feel we need to get xyz into the discussion and what he feels about the topic’ .

4)Do not conclude the GD if you have started the GD.

5)Support your argument with the help of examples, facts, latest events, etc.

6)Try to speak on both the sides of topic: Positive and Negative. And use phrases like ‘I agree to disagree’ when required. Remember a GD is GD and not a debate.Most panels get annoyed when GD turns into debate. And try to stay relevant to topic.


From 60 around 20 people were shortlisted for Interview round.

Round 3:

This is the Interview Round. There were two panels :

Panel 1: 2 Tech+1 HR and

Panel 2 : 1 Tech+ 1 HR.

Your luck you go in which panel. Panel 2 didn’t ask much of Tech.It was mostly HR based questions. Projects based questions. 

Panel 1 is where things start getting worse.I was interviewed by Panel 1. They asked questions related to Networking(and I am bad at Networking concepts). Questions were like what is switch, hub, router, DHCP, VLAN, Cryptography basics, RSA algorithm.CIA triangle. They went deeper into my project topics mentioned on Resume.

Finally results were out. Only 1 amongst these 20 was shortlisted

P.S- KPMG is looking for professionals who will meet clients on a frequent basis for this job. So dress well.Be in formals, if possible wear a tie, suit.Also the job position they were hiring for required travelling PAN India. 

Research about KPMG on their website before sitting for the drive.

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Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2019
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