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KPMG Interview Experience | Campus Placement 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020
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Position: Risk Consulting ITA (Information Technology Advisory) Role  and Contract Compliance (CCS)

3 Rounds 

Round 1: Aptitude Test

Round 2: Group Discussion

Round 3: Technical + HR Round

Round 4: Management + Technical Round


The aptitude test can be taken at home. It consists of quants, logical reasoning, data interpretation as well as vocabulary questions(about 35-40 questions). The test was conducted on their own site and web-cam proctored.

The rest of the questions were focused on Corporate Skillsets and situation-based questions (90 questions).

Take your time on the aptitude test, as the situation based questions are quicker to answer in general. 

Practicing from Indiabix is quite enough and recommended. Some of the questions were directly copied from the site as well.

Take care of tech issues during the test. Sit in a well-lit room, with a good internet connection.

Before appearing for the interviews you will be asked to apply on the KPMG website. The role you choose here as your first preference is important as the panel will be allotted to you accordingly.

Round 2

Depending on the total number of students that have applied, there will be a group of 6-8 people for the GD. 

Many groups in this round were given, “Can A.I. ever beat/overcome human intelligence?”. The topic given also depends on the role you have applied for.

The preparation time is about a minute, and the total GD covers about 15 mins. Be sure to follow GD rules and etiquette. Give a firm introduction, keep the topic varied and a summary of the points covered at the end. be polite and do not argue to speak.

Round 3 : Tech + HR interview

The interview started off with me introducing myself, walking the panelists through my CV in detail, and highlighting points that I thought they should know about. 

After which the HR asked about my willingness to travel to client locations and my family background, that’s all.

The second panelist then quizzed me about my projects, my contribution to them and factors for selecting that particular project idea. After that, the interview switched to Cryptography (One of the mentioned interests on my resume). I was quizzed about encryption algorithms, basic computer networking, types of cyber attacks, recent trends in the cryptographic domain and popular methods of hacking/phishing. The interview lasted for about 45-50 mins.

CyberSecurity is one of the important domains in the ITA domain at KPMG along with blockchain and cloud computing.

Round 4: Management Interview

The interview was quick as the panelist after a quick intro, asked me about one of my projects and cross questioned me about the relevance it has in the future. 

Be sure that you know what you have developed both from a technological as well a business perspective.

Prepare some unique questions to ask the panelists that have some relevance and show your eagerness to join the company.

1. Practice Apti from Indiabix. Give some behavioral tests and get accustomed to answering situation based questions.

2. If you’re applying for the ITA role, experience in CyberSecurity, Blockchain or Cloud Computing domains will help.

3. Read about the CIA triangle, symmetric/asymmetric key encryption, Man in the Middle attacks, and basic computer networking (OSI/TCP layers), SSL, HTTPS and so on.

4. Make sure you know your projects very well.

5. If you’re applying for the Contract Compliance Role, practice answers for HR questions like Strengths/Weaknesses, Leadership Examples, and so on. 

Out of 120 students who had applied, 80 were selected for the GD round, ~30 for the tech interview, ~20 for the final round.

Finally 8 candidates were offered roles in both the profiles

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