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KPMG Interview Experience for Financial Risk Management Analyst | Campus Recruitment 2020

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Hey folks. KPMG had visited us for their recruitment drive in September 2020. They had come looking for candidates for 2 job profiles namely ITA Risk Advisory and Financial Risk Management Analyst. There were about 2000-2500 people who had applied. The eligibility criteria were 60% in 10th, 12th, and Undergraduate course. Students from CSE, IT, Software Technology, ECE, and EEE could apply.

Round 1: This was an online aptitude test that was conducted on their own platform. The test comprised of 130 questions. 

  1. Character Assessment MCQs: There were 90 odd questions in the 130 which were character assessment questions where various work-life day-to-day scenarios were given. The questions were in the MCQ Format and had options agree, strongly agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. 
  2. Quantitative Analysis, Verbal and Logical Reasoning: The remaining 40 questions were easy-moderate questions comprising Quantitative Analysis, Verbal and Logical Reasoning questions. In quants, there were general questions on time and work, profit and loss, number system, etc. In LR, the questions were generally from blood relations, coding, and decoding, patterns, arrangements, etc. In verbal, the questions asked where sentence correction, making coherent passages, choosing the right option, general fill in the blanks based on tenses, etc. The questions were not too difficult. One can solve Indiabix questions to get a hang of it.

After round 1, 60 people were shortlisted for the next round for FRM, and 130 odd people were shortlisted for the ITA Role. 

Round 2: The next round for FRM was a case study discussion that was held the next day. There were teams formed where there were 7-8 members in each team. The case study discussion was carried out on Microsoft Teams. The topic given to my group was “How can technology be used in the Banking sector”. There were 3 members of KPMG who were present in the panel. The case study discussion was well conducted and lasted for about 25-30 mins. 

After the conclusion of the Case study discussion, there were about 3 people chosen from each team and there were 16 people shortlisted for the technical interviews. 

Round 3: This round was a technical interview. It was conducted on Microsoft Teams and was held by a member of the panel who had held the case study discussion. The interviewer first asked me to explain in detail what I had spoken in the case study discussion. He then asked me in detail about my internship and what projects I had done there. He also asked me some small questions on cloud and blockchain. The remaining questions asked were based on skills mentioned in resume and certain situational based questions. He also asked some general questions about how I would tackle the role and understand the functionalities of the role etc. He also asked if I had exhibited leadership anywhere and what initiatives I had taken in college. 

Round 4: This round was an HR Interview Round which was also conducted on Microsoft Teams. The interviewer asked me general HR Based questions such as strengths and weaknesses, about my family, my preferred location, and my schooling, etc. She also asked me about my hobbies and my courses mentioned in the CV. She also asked me about what volunteer experiences I had. Finally, she asked how comfortable would I be to learn new things and courses and if I would be able to adjust to this job, etc.

After taking both the technical and HR interviews into consideration, 3 people were shortlisted for the final round.

Round 5: This was a Partner round where is a senior member of the FRM Practice in KPMG joined us along with the HR and Technical Round interviewer. Here the partner asked about how I found the process and If I had any complaints. He then asked me general questions on what I knew about Financial Risk Management. He then briefed me about the FRM Practice in KPMG, and he briefed me about what I would have to do and what was expected of me. He then asked me about the location I would prefer and finally congratulated me on getting the job.

Finally, 3 students were selected from college for The role of Financial Risk Management Analyst.

The process was smooth and the interviewers were warm and supportive. Having good communication skills is a must though to be able to do well in this recruitment process. Hope this article will help you in preparing for KPMG. All the best. 

Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020
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