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Important Questions for Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

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These questions are prepared for the entrance exam of IBPS PO. Basic to moderate questions are discussed and we commit that it will be very helpful for the entrance examinations. As it will be high scoring since it’s related to the keyboard. If you have any queries please comment in the section and let us know the areas of improvement.

Directions: Given are the following questions with four choices. You have to mark the correct choice out of these.

Ques 1. We press the windows F1 key to:

(a) To open a new tab

(b) Cut

(c) Display help

(d) Paste

(e) Copy

Answer: Option (c)


F1 key activates the help menu for the currently running software when pressed. The Microsoft Windows help and support panel can be accessed by simultaneously pressing the F1 key and the Windows key.


Ques 2. In the windows operating system when you double click a character on the grid of characters, the keyboard shortcut DOWN key is used for:

(a) Move down or right to the next line

(b) Move to the left or end of the previous line

(c) Move up one row

(d) Move down one row

(e) None of these

Answer: Option (d)


The down key is the short key for moving down one row when we double-click the character on the grid of characters.


Ques 3. Which shortcut key is used to maximize the document window?

(a) Ctrl + F10

(b) Ctrl + F9

(c) Ctrl + F8

(d) Alt + F10

(e) Alt + F9

Answer: Option (a) 


The Ctrl + F10 key is used to maximize the document window. This is usually in word pad or MS word. 


Ques 4. Which key do you hit to make a cell display the current date?

(a) CTRL + ; (semicolon)    

(b) CTRL + SHIFT + : (colon)

(c) CTRL + F10   

(d) CTRL + F11

(e) CTRL+ F1

Answer: Option (a)


A cell will be filled with the current date if you hit CTRL+; (semicolon). Press Ctrl+ to add the current date; (semi-colon). Ctrl+Shift+, to insert the current time; (semi-colon). Hit Ctrl+; (semi-colon), then press Space, then Ctrl+Shift+; to add the current date and time.


Ques 5. Press ___ to scroll to the bottom of a document.

(a) Insert key

(b) Home key

(c) CTRl+ End Key

(d) End key

(e) Shift key

Answer: (c)


Press the Ctrl key and the End key to navigate to the bottom of a document.
Open a lengthy webpage or document to test it out. It should be long enough that you would typically need to scroll down to the bottom. You can now get to the very bottom of the document or page by pressing Command and the Down arrow on your keyboard. In order to jump back up to the top, press Command and Up.


Ques 6. In Word, you can add a forced page break by which key.

(a) By placing your cursor in the proper location and selecting the F1 key

(b) By placing your cursor where it needs to be and then pressing CTRL + Enter

(c) Through the use of the Insert/Section break

(d) By altering your document’s font size

(e) None of the above

Answer: Option b


By placing your cursor where it needs to be and clicking Ctrl + Enter, you may force a page break in Word.
Click in the document where you want the page break to appear, preferably before an automatic break, to insert a manual page break. On your keyboard, press the “Ctrl” and “Enter” keys together. Alternately, select “Breaks” from the drop-down menu by selecting the “Layout” option on the Ribbon.


Ques 7. Which of the following commands causes the computer to restart?

(a) CTRL + ALT + DEL



(d)  CTRL + ALT +TAB

(e) None of the above

Answer: Option a


To restart the computer, type Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete is a combination of keyboard keys that a user of a personal computer running the Windows operating system can press simultaneously to end a program task or restart the operating system.


Ques 8. To locate and open a previously stored file______.

(a) Select the close command

(b) Select the New command

(c) Select the save command

(d) Select the open command

(e) Select the other menu

Answer: Option d


To find and load a file that has been saved select the Open command.
In File Explorer, press and hold the Shift key, then right-click or press and hold on a folder or drive that you want to open the command prompt at that location for, and click/tap on Open Command Prompt Here option.

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Ques 9. Which keys allow for rapid number entry?

(a) The numeric keypad

(b) Function key

(c) Ctrl, shift, and Alt

(d) Alt keys

(e) None of the above

Answer: Option a


Numbers can be entered rapidly using the numeric keypad. Numeric keypads are designed for easy navigation of numbers.


Ques 10. What keys may be used with other keys to perform special tasks?

(a) Insert, Delete

(b) Ctrl, Shift

(c) Left Arrow, Right Arrow

(d) Page up, Page Down

(e) Print screen

Answer: Option (b)


Ctrl and shift keys are used to perform special tasks. Ctrl + s is for save, Ctrl+c is for copy and many more options are there. 


Ques 11. When pressed, a strong key that enables program exit is:

(a) Arrow keys

(b) Space bar

(c) Escape key 

(d) Return key

(e) Tab Key

Answer: Option c


The strong key which enables program exit is the Escape key. The Esc key, which stands for Escape, is located in the upper-left corner of a computer keyboard. It gives the user the option to stop, cancel, or end an operation. For instance, using the Escape key in an Internet browser will halt a slow-loading web page’s download.


Ques 12. You press the ___ key to transform the number pad into directional arrows.

(a) Num lock

(b) Caps lock

(c) Arrows lock

(d) Shift

Answer: Option a


A common computer keyboard has a key called a number lock, or num lock. It is a type of toggle key that, when turned on, allows the user to utilize the keyboard’s numeric keys, and when turned off, allows them to use other key-related functions. Therefore the num key is used to transform the number pad into directional arrows.


Ques 13. Press ___ to highlight the URL in the Address box or to transfer the insertion point to the Address box.

(a) Alt+D

(b) Alt+A

(c) Shift+Tab

(d) Tab+Ctrl

(e) Alt+Ctrl

Answer: Option a


Alt + D is a keyboard shortcut most often used to select the URL in the address bar in Internet browsers.


Ques 14. What does the Shift + F5 key do?

(a) Stop or restart the automatic presentation

(b) Start a presentation from the beginning

(c) Perform the previous animation

(d) Start the show from the current slide

(e) None of the above

Answer: Option d


The presentation will begin from the current slide when Shift + F5 is pressed. By pressing Shift + F5, your web browser ignores its cached material and downloads a new copy of the webpage. Shift + F5 ensures that the webpage loads with the most recent material. However, it typically takes longer than F5 depending on the size of the page.


Ques 15. What does WIN + E do?

(a) Open Desktop

(b) Start window

(c) Undo task

(d) Open file explorer

(e) None of the above

Answer: Option d


Common tasks can be completed faster by holding down the Windows key while pressing another key to activate a keyboard shortcut.
The keyboard shortcut Windows key + E, for instance, activate windows file explorer by pressing and holding the Windows key while simultaneously pressing the E key.


Ques 16. How can I get my minimized windows back?

(a) Ctrl + Shift + M

(b) Windows Logo + Shift + M

(c) Shift + m

(d) All of the above

Answer: Option b


Windows Logo + Shift + M is used to minimize windows. Generally, it’s the option in windows both in PCs and desktops.


Ques 17. We use Alt + an underlined letter to:

(a) perform the corresponding command

(b) Select the corresponding option

(c) Both a and b

(d) Display the items in the active list

(e) Main menu move

Answer: Option c


To pick the object, hold down the Alt key while pressing the underlined letter. For instance, Notepad’s “Edit” menu can be accessed by pressing the Alt key and the E key. Then, within the menu, take note of the letter that is underlined and denotes the key that corresponds to the option you can choose by pressing the “Alt” key.


Ques 18. The shortcut key to open window task manager is :

(a) Ctrl+Shift+Esc

(b) Ctrl+Alt+Esc

(c) Ctrl+Esc

(d) Alt+Esc

(e) Alt+Shift+Esc

Answer: Option a


By simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, you can launch Task Manager. As an alternative, you could type it into a Run box or conduct a search for it from the taskbar. You could even right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the option that displays.


Ques 19. To open an existing presentation the shortcut is:

(a) Ctrl+N

(b) Ctrl+O

(c) Ctrl+k

(d) Ctrl+P

Answer: Option b


To open an existing presentation the shortcut used is Ctrl + O. The shortcut key Ctrl + O is used to open an existing presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. In Microsoft PowerPoint, pressing Ctrl + O displays the Open window, which enables you to load a previously saved presentation from your computer.


Ques 20. Superscript’s shortcut key is:

(a) Ctrl + Shift + ±

(b) Ctrl + Shift 

(c) Ctrl + =

(d) Ctrl + –

(e) Ctrl = 

Answer: Option a


The shortcut key for superscript is Ctrl + shift + ±. We have pressed all simultaneously to get at the required result.

You can access a comprehensive list of computer shortcut keys along with their functions here. It’s super helpful for revising those key shortcuts, especially when you’re preparing for exams.


Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2023
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