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IBM Recruitment Process 2019

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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IBM visited my campus in the month of September with the profile Global Business Service-Associate Developer.

Firstly, you will get a link through mail in which you have to register and make a profile on IBM’s website. After that you will get a reference number.

There were  5 rounds in total and all rounds were elimination rounds.

Round 1:  

It was an online assessment test which consists of Cognitive Ability Games. In this round there were 5 games which we were made to play.

Demo was give for each game. It was a simple assessment.  This tests your concentration, how quick you are, recalling capability etc.

Round 2:

Those who cleared the round 1 moved to this round which was  a Psychometric Test consisting of 50 pairs of questions. This is completely based on your Behavior.

Round 3:

It was a English Test on AMCAT platform. There were different sections with no time limit for eg. finding grammatical mistake, spelling mistake, fill in the blanks etc.  Number of questions was not fixed, it depends on how many questions you can solve within time limit.There was negative marking for this section. Also you can not go back to the previous question.

Round 4:

It was a coding round held on platform Hacker rank.  There was total 6 questions.  5 questions were multiple choice questions. And one code was given it was of medium level. MCQ’s were based on JAVA, HTML, SQL etc.

I was disqualified in coding round but 25 students were shortlisted for the interview after that 23 students got placed.

But BY LUCK, IBM again visited my Campus at the end of September with the profile Global Technology Service- Associate Developer.

This time the list was sent by the Company itself in which the name of those students was mentioned who did well in above 3 rounds and got disqualified in coding round. My name was also mentioned in that list.

There was only one round for us which was a Coding round on the same platform with same pattern, About 32 students gave the test out of which 13 were selected for the Interview round. I was one of them.

Round 5:

It was a single Tech-HR round. There were total 4 panels for the interview. In my panel there were 3 students including me and I was the first to give the interview in my panel. Questions asked were based on my resume, my hobbies and general HR questions. My interview lasted for 45 minutes.

Result was declared after 4 days and out of 13, 10 students were selected and i was one of them.


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