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EPAM Systems Hiring process for 2020 Passouts (2019)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019
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EPAM  Systems hiring process consists of 5 rounds. 1st round is remote (in home) with web cam must & rest all rounds in respective selected centres in a single day.

Round 1: It was an online exam (pure coding exam) where you would be asked not too tough level questions but not that easy even. The only language allowed was JAVA(1.8). I was asked some String manipulation questions and some stack related. This round has 3 parts. 1st part is easy of 20 marks (40 mins), 2nd is medium of 30 marks (50 mins) and the last one i.e. the hard one of 50 marks (60 mins), means a total of 100 marks. I secured 70/100 in round 1 and I was also selected for the next hiring rounds. Results were declared in around 5 days in respective mails. And one thing is that, you won’t be receiving any rejection mail. And as per as I think the cutoff was 40 or 50 marks. But it depends! Because the cutoff marks is decided after the exam. I don’t really remember all the questions but one them (easy part) was you have to check for balanced parentheses in an expression. Another one in medium part was something related to time and date which was pretty tough and could not pass all the test cases (or may be none). And the hard one was little bit tough but not impossible. Sorry I don’t remember the question but I passed all the test cases. It was related to intermediate  level DP/Greedy or some other algos. But seriously the round 1 is not a tough one, so many passes that round.

Round 2: Next is if you pass the round 1 then you would be receiving a confirmation email that states you have cleared the round 1 and soon you will be receiving the further hiring process details. I am from West Bengal and I have given my next hiring process center as Kolkata (was asked during the registration of round 1 exam). Which was nearly 20 days from the date of round 1. So I got a lot of time to prepare for round 2, 3, 4 & 5. Round 2 is actually of 3 parts, i.e. We were asked some mcq questions related to JAVA (basically OOPS), 1 DBMS, 1 Software Testing and 1 OS, that’s all for Section 1 of 20 marks, for section 2 there was a coding question of medium level of 30 marks which was not easy again not too tough. It was some sort of String manipulation. Section 3 was having 1 hard level coding question of 50 marks and that was pretty tough. Some of my friends even got question of tough level DP so don’t take round 2 easily. I fortunately secured 90/100 marks and got selected for the 3rd Round. The round 2 was tough and so the cutoff were nearly 40-50. But again it depends because cutoff is decided after the exam! We were around 250 students for round 2 and after only ~75-80 were selected for round 3. So it was definitely not a pure selection test. And the round 2 is of 120 mins as a total.


Round 3: This is GD round and the easiest round among all. They even said it clearly that “We don’t reject students in this round, It’s a no rejection round”. Unless you do something very stupid or do not even speak a word you would not be rejected! To clear this round you have to speak that is it. They just want to check your english speaking skills  and your way of speaking. And trust me you do not have to master in these. Just speak! I was in a group of 10 students and we all were selected for the Round 4 which is the toughest. Our topic for GD was Social Networking. I think only 1 or 2 students were rejected in GD round as a whole. Sure it was not greater than 2.

Round 4: This is the toughest round! Generally each one of us was facing 1:1 technical interview for at least 30 mins. Some were even facing 40-50 mins. And also some were having the 1:1 for about 10-15 mins, surely they were getting rejected. My interview was about 25-30 mins. Mine at starting didn’t go well but with the time it came to my grip! And also because of my 70/100 in round 1 and 90/100 in round 2, I was asked too tough questions and at the same time I got the advantage of “good impression”! If you secure good marks in the previous rounds then surely you will get a lot of advantage in interview (again it depends!!). I don’t really remember all the questions I was asked but some of them are :


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Your favourite sub is JAVA because of EPAM?
  3. You have secured a very good marks in round 1 & 2, seriously very few could do it. So where did you miss in the test cases?
  4. Tell me the questions that you have solved and also explain me the solutions.
  5. Few questions about the solution and question .
  6. Object vs Class
  7. Is Java pass by value or reference? Prove it.
  8. OOPL vs Procedural Language
  9. What are the DS you have used?
  10. What DS dbms tables use? Show me how with a program!
  11. Can you use BST or Binary Tree in DB tables? If yes show me with a program or if no then why?
  12. What are B+ trees or B tress and show me with the help of a program how B+ tree can be used in DB tables.
  13. Difference between BST and Binary Tree.
  14. Do you know Red Black Trees?
  15. Have you ever used stack and queue? Where? Why?
  16. Also Linked List?
  17. More DS questions (Sorry don’t remember all)
  18. HashMap vs HashTable.
  19. Hashmap internal implementation.
  20. ArrayList vs Vector
  21. More Collection related questions.
  22. Do you know Abstraction? Inheritance? Polymorphism? If you don’t know please tell NO!
  23. Multiple Inheritance? Example? Etc.
  24. Why do we even need interfaces if every method’s body we declare in a different class?
  25. More OOPS questions.
  26. Are you ready to work for 16 hours a day?
  27. Are you ready to work hard?
  28. What if we put you in Testing department?

All the questions were not directly asked because some of them (or maximum) were invited by me while answering other questions. So choose your words carefully while answering the questions. And also a lot more questions were asked which I don’t even remember as many of them were like I have never even heard of! LOL!. These are the ones which I remember. I hope it would give you all some idea at least!

After the interview was done then the interviewer asked me to leave and also informed that someone outside will contact me. Then I was informed that I am selected for HR round i.e. final round (round 5). Only students who cleared the technical round (round 4) were selected for HR (round 5), and rest were asked to leave. A lot were rejected in the round 4! Around 15-18 were selected among 75-80 students for HR round. The number is not exact but surely somewhere around them.


Round 5: This is again a kind of no rejection round but not as easy as GD. I was asked a lot of questions (non technical mostly). In this round you have to speak confidently and with the most expected answer. In my case, the HR was very kind hearted.

  • I was asked like in different kind of situations what would I do?
  • Family members? My city, etc.
  • Are you ready to go away from home and work efficiently for EPAM?
  • Why EPAM?
  • What was your goal since childhood?
  • Your idol / hero? (Don’t tell Salman Khan or Leonardo DiCaprio kind of idols).
  • What project you have done?
  • What are u planning in the next 5 years?
  • What are/were the challenges you will face/faced in your group for the project?(As I told I was the team leader)
  • What will you do if you face stress?
  • Do you read news? What is the latest news you have read?
  • etc kind of questions. ( A lot questions! It was about more than 30 mins!!!!)



Then finally HR round was over @8:45 pm night. (The whole process was started @8:30 am morning). My HR interview went quite good and it kind of gained me a confidence. After HR, we were asked to leave and also informed that we would be receiving a confirmation email by EPAM within 15 days approximately. And this is because they first complete the hiring process in all states (or centres) and then finally come up with the selected students. So after the stated time period (by 15 days) I received my offer letter from EPAM Systems and that’s all about my experience! 🙂


Thank You.

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