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IBM Recruitment Process | On-Campus 2019

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  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2022
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IBM visited my college during the first week of November 2019. Their hiring process had five rounds which were elimination based.

Round 1: Cognitive Ability Games

In Cognitive ability games, it is a test that measures a candidate’s ability via Games. In this test there will be six mini-games there will be no questions in the test. It is a fun and accessible way to test your aptitude and Personality Traits. Out of around 216 students, only 10 were eliminated.

check out this for some example test


Round 2: Online Psychometric Test

This is the general test most of the companies keep. It is to test the mindset of the person in different contexts, be honest, remember the answer you marked earlier as there will be some questions repeating. Here they mainly look at your honesty,  Don’t get your friends to help, be Honest. Out of 200, only 90 students cleared this round.

check out this for some example test

Complete Test Series for Service Based
Round 3: IBM English Language Test

There will be multiple-choice questions given in this Test. The Time-limit of solving the questions is 10 Min. The questions were easy,  Simple synonyms, meaning or correct spelling were asked. out of 90, around 50 students made it to the next round

check out this for some example test


Round 4:Coding Round

platform: Hackerrank

We were asked one simple coding question and five technical questions (Linux(1), DBMS(1), OS(1), CN(1), ALGO(1)).

The time limit for solving the questions is 30 mins.

coding question: Find if there is a path between two vertices in a directed graph

NOTE: some people got a string and array-based question

Out of 50 students, 12 were called for the face to face interview.


Round 5: F2F Interview

If you reached here you are almost done, the interviewer just asked me simple questions about my CV and basic questions of ML and frameworks(As this was mentioned in my resume), He asked me to tell about the previous interview experience,   interests, and some HR questions(as there was only one f2f round). It took around 40 minutes. The result was announced after around a week. Out of which finally 10 students were selected and I was one of them

NOTE: Don’t show you are genius, be dumb, stick to the context. Don’t try to impress


“Honesty is the best policy”. Though it sounds old, it really worked for me. Along with our solutions to the questions being confident is equally important.


With peace,








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