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Free Website Templates – HTML and CSS Templates with Source Code

Last Updated : 10 Apr, 2024
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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) are the basic build blocks for designing & developing the structure of any web page or website. It creates an interactive user interface using the various CSS properties. This article provides a list of the Top HTML & CSS Template based Projects that will you develop basic Frontend skills, i.e. enriching your HTML & CSS knowledge. This project list involves creating web page templates, components, animation projects, small games, etc

General Animations

1 Animated Bar Template
2 Dot Loading Animation Template
3 Ghost Text Animation Template
4 Create a shock wave or explosion effect
5 Create an X and Y-axis flip animation
6 Design a Rotating card effect Template
7 Create a Floating Box Effect
8 Create a Liquid-Filling Effect on Text
9 Create an Animated Loader Ring
10 Design a running car animation
11 Animation ideas for web pages
12 Create an Animated Side Navbar
13 Create an Effect of Particle Animation
14 Create a Snowfall Animation Effect
15 Create a rotating shape loader animation
16 Create a button hover animation effect
17 Design a Fade balls loader Animation
18 Create a Shimmer Effect
19 Design a Carousel Column Expansion Animation Effect
20 Create a morph spinner animation
21 Create an animated gradient background smoothly
22 Create an Animate Details Element
23 Create an animated pill-shaped button
24 Create a Letter-Spacing Animation Effect
25 Create a Shooting Star Animation Effect
26 Create an Animate Rainbow Heart from a Square
27 Create an Animated Table
28 Create an Image Hovered Detail
29 Create an Animated Search Box
30 Gooey Balls Animation Template
31 Create a Loading Blur Text Animation Effect

Button Effects

1 Create a Shaky button
2 Create a button with stitched border
3 Create a shiny button
4 Rubber Band Text Animation Template
5 Create a Dancing Keys Effect
6 Create a Shake a Button on Hover
7 Create an animated pill-shaped button
8 Create a dark theme using Slider
9 Create a Toggle Switch Template
10 Create a Transparent button Template

Text Effects

1 Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
2 Create a Multilayered Text Effect
3 Create a Shrink Text on Hover
4 Create a Text Reveal Effect for Buttons
5 Create a Gradient Text Effect Template
6 Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
7 Create a Text Color Animation
8 Create an Engraved Text Effect
9 Create a Typewriter Animation
10 Create a Cutout Text
11 Create a long shadow of text without using text-shadow
12 Create a Breadcrumbs Template
13 Create a Typewriter Animation
14 Create a Sliding Text Reveal Animation
15 Create a spin text on mouse hover

Image Effects

1 Create an Image Folding Effect Template
2 Create an Image Stack Illusion Template
3 Create a Spotlight Effect Template
4 Create a Drop-fill color to change the image color
5 Create an Apply Glowing Effect to the Image
6 Design a Frosted Glass Effect Template
7 Neumorphism Effect Template
8 Create custom arrows for your website
9 Create a place text on image
10 Create an Image Overlay Icon
11 Create a Profile Card Hover Effect
12 Create a paper corner fold effect on hover

Background Effects

1 Create a Chess pattern background
2 Create a Gradient Background Animation Template
3 Create a Galaxy Background Template
4 Create a Fireflie background Template
5 Create a Neumorphism Effect Template
6 Create an Effect to Change Button Color
7 Create an Amazing Hover Effect over the Button
8 Create a photo sliding effect
9 Create a Non-Rectangular Header
10 Create a Wave Image for a Background
11 Create a Skewed Background with a hover effect
12 Create an Add Image in Text Background
13 Create a Neon Light Button Template
1 Sidebar Menu With Tooltips
2 Create a Vertical Navigation Bar
3 Create an Animated Navigation Bar with a Hover Effect
4 Create horizontal scrollable sections
5 Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar Template
6 Create a vertical wavy text line
7 Create a Navigation Bar with three Different Alignments
8 Design a Webpage Template
9 Design a modern sidebar menu
10 Facebook Homepage Template

Form and Input

1 Create a Color of Progress Bar
2 Create a Custom Radio Button Template

Webpage Templates

1 Design a Parallax Webpage Template
2 Technical Documentation Webpage Template
3 Design an Event Webpage Template
4 Create a Designing a Working Table Fan
5 Create a Bootcamp Website Template
6 Design a Tribute Page Template
7 Create a Build a Survey Form
8 Design a Calendar Template
9 Design an About Us Page Template
10 Design a Contact Us Page Template
11 Design a webpage for an online food delivery system
12 Create a 3D Flip button Template
13 Create an Indian Flag Template
14 Create a Pagination Template
15 Create a Responsive Profile Card Template
16 Create an Image Accordion Template
17 Create a GeeksforGeeks logo Template
18 Create a Circular Progress Bar Template
19 Create a LinkedIn Login Form Template
20 Design a Transparent login/Sign Up webpage
21 Facebook WOW emoji Template
22 Create a Breadcrumbs Template


1 Create a Responsive Card with a hover effect
2 Create a Windows loading effect
3 Create three boxes in the same div
4 Create a glass/blur effect overlay
5 Create a working slider
6 Align a logo image to center of navigation bar
7 Create a Pricing Table
8 Create a Happy Independence Day 2022 | National Flag Design
9 Create a Vertical Menu

FAQ’s Based on HTML and CSS Template Projects

Q1. What is an HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: It refers to a starter template or boilerplate, which has a pre-built set of files and folders that provides a foundational structure for designing the basic website/webpages.

Q2. What is the purpose of using an HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: This HTML and CSS Template Projects will provide you quick understanding for design & develop the basic Template Projects ideas using various CSS Properties & Animations that are used with HTML Elements.

Q3. Will this HTML and CSS Template Projects uses any CSS Frameworks?

Ans: No. It is purely based on the HTML and CSS only & does not use any CSS Frameworks.

Q4. How to get benefits by using this HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: This will help you to learn & practice the implementation of various concepts of an HTML & CSS Properties, along with providing quick ideas for design & develop your own Template Projects.

Q5. What are the prerequisite knowledge required for the HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: Basic understanding of various HTML and CSS Concepts.

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