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HSBC Technology India Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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First of all I would like to thank GeeksForGeeks big time. A lot of resources from GFG helped not only me but also my friends to learn a lot. I recently got placed in HSBC Technology India as a Trainee Software Engineer and I would like to share my interview experience. HSBC Technology India shortly known as HTI visited my campus recently. Before going into the details about their placement process and my interview experience I would like to say that HTI is a product based software company which develops and maintains the software of its parent organization the HSBC(Hongkong and Shanghai Banking corporation limited). There are two branches in India one in Pune and another in Hyderabad.

Round 1(Online Test 1):

  • The first round contained 2 parts MCQs from CS basics like OS, Computer networks, OOPs, C and Java output questions as Part 1 and 2 Coding questions as part 2. The students who passed part 1 were only allowed to attend part 2. 
  • If you are strong in DSA and logical coding Clearing part 2 would be easy. I strongly recommend the GFG DSA course not only to prepare for HTI but for any other product-based companies. 

Round 2(Online Test 2):

  • The second round was on the next day this is a simple round with value-based questions. Be truthful and casual and don’t mind on results for this round choose the exact options that match your character don’t be result-oriented be yourself and attend this.
  • After completing these two rounds nearly only 25% of the applicants were called for interview rounds.

Round 3(Technical Interview): 

  • The interview round was nearly 25 days after the 2nd round. First, there were 12 panels conducting technical interviews simultaneously. The interviewer was so cool and made sure I was feeling comfortable. 
  • He asked me to introduce myself and wanted to know the reason for my choice of choosing Software development being an ECE student. Soon after my answers he went through my resume and started asking technical questions. I had distinguished the questions he asked into 2 types for better awareness and listed them below.
  • The basics of software engineering like DSA, SDLC, GIT, OOPs, and Cloud computing.
  • Completely based on my resume I had developed a lot of software using various stacks and tools. He asked basic questions about those technologies and dug deeper as I kept answering. Keep your resume minimalistic with only stuff you know and have sound basic knowledge in it. 
  • Interviewers from other panels were also asked to code simple coding questions in any IDE. In a nutshell, you need to be strong in DSA, OOPs, your projects, and other basics. They seek good thinkers and problem-solvers for which the basics is very much important.

Round 4(HR round):

  • After completing the technical interview I got invited to attend the HR interview and in this interview, as you should be in round 2, you should be truthful and don’t lie. Say positive answers and stay confident in this round.
  • After a long day, we received our results on the same night and I was selected with 19 other students. I hope my experience would be of some help for not only those who want to get an opportunity in HTI but also in various product-based companies.


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Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2021
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