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HSBC Interview Experience for TSE | Off-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2021

I recently got an off-campus opportunity for the position of Trainee Software Engineer at HSBC. It consisted of 4 rounds and all were elimination rounds.

Round 1(Aptitude and Coding): Total questions: 70, Total Time Given: 75 min

This whole round was conducted on CoCubes Platform. This round can be sub-divided into 3 sections:-

  1. English: There were a total of 20 questions based on paragraph-completion, tenses and conjunctions. Easy for most of the Students.
  2. Analytical: There were a total of 20 questions based on Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Easy Puzzles. Questions were a little lengthy but with some prior practice, it should not be a problem.
  3. Technical MCQs: There were a total of 30 questions based on Java, SQL, Cloud Computing, OS, DBMS, Computer Networks, HTML, JS. Again, Practice is the key.

Coding Questions: There were only 2 questions, One of easy level and second of moderate level. 

  • Easy ones are generally based on Basic Algorithmic questions and the moderate ones are based on Easy Level DS questions such as Arrays, Strings, LinkedList etc. 
  • I recommend practicing on GfG, LeetCode, Hackerrank for this round.

Round 2(HSBC Value Based Assessment): Total questions: ~15, No Time Constraint

  • This round consists of Value based questions regarding Personality development, Professional Thinking. Watch out for repeating and paraphrased questions, try to visualise a pattern in questions. 
  • This round is an elimination round….!!!

Round 3(Technical Interview): Time: 65 min

  • Since, this was an off-campus interview, My interview questions were not limited to skills and projects mentioned in the resume, there were basic OOP design case questions, Questions regarding JDBC were asked. Later on, 
  • There was some cross-questioning on my final year project, projects mentioned in the resume and some Java, Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Android Development questions (mentioned in my resume). 
  • I was also asked to write 2 pretty basic programming questions, one was String Palindrome and other one was HashMap Implementation.

Tips: Prepare your Resume Well, don’t lie on your Resume and be confident.

Round 4(HR): Time: 15 min

Basic and Typical HR questions one can expect.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Willing to Relocate or not. (Will be asked to choose from one of the two locations)
  3. Expectations from HSBC.
  4. Any Questions (Ask 1 or 2).

Tips: Be Confident and Calm.


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