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HSBC Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019
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HSBC Technology India visited our campus in August 2019 for the Strikers profile.
Location: Pune and Hyderabad
There were 4 rounds.
Round 1:
Aptitude + Technical Test
There are two sections. The first section is Aptitude and Logical Reasoning and Second section is Technical Test on the Co-Cubes Platform. Aptitude and Technical Test is easy.
Round 2:
Coding Test
Students who have cleared aptitude test were shortlisted for the Coding test. There were two Coding questions which are mostly on string and arrays. First was an easy one and second one was of medium difficulty. Students who cleared at least one coding question with good aptitude score are shortlisted for the next round.
Round 3: 
Technical Interview (30 – 35 minutes)
Around 152 students were shortlisted for the interviews. Some panels asked somewhat tough questions and some panels were asking medium to hard questions. Questions asked were:
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Your hobbies
3. Explain your projects you have done
4. Tweaked my project and asked me the solution for it
5. What is Cloud Technology?
6. Currently we are working in 97 countries and we need to expand in 5 more countries. Will Cloud be a viable solution? Disadvantages of it.
7. How will you secure the sensitive information?
8. More discussion on projects
9. Knowledge on Java and Python
10. Asked a math problem
    a b c + a b c + a b c = b b b. Find values of a, b, c.
11. Questions on Google Cloud Platform and AWS
12. Any questions for me?
Round 4:
HR Interview (40 – 45 minutes)
Around 70 people gave the HR Interview. Although mine was more of a Technical than a HR Interview.
Questions asked were:
1. How was your day?
2. Again Introduce yourself
3. Family Background
4. Tell the schedule of each family member
5. Did you ever cheat in your life?
6. As Sanskrit was mentioned in my resume, he asked me to introduce myself in Sanskrit.
7. What is Traffic Signal and Railway Signal called in Hindi?
8. Can we build a website using Java only with all validations?
9. Write a code for String reversal. I wrote it in Java using StringBuffer
10. He again asked it to write in C++. Wrote it.
11. Again he asked me to write a code for the same which would work in both languages.
12. Any other programming language besides your resume, which I could ask you questions on?
13. Any questions about the organisation?
Other panel’s HR Questions were like what Marvel characters you like? and why, What film you like the most, Favourite actor/actress, tell me about your friends, etc.
Around 37 students were selected. I was one of them!
Key Points:
Focus on your resume. Even if you don’t recollect the answer, tell them and don’t bluff. Interview panel is co-operative and gives you hints if you ask them questions. Maintain eye contact and smile during the interview. Ask Smart questions.

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