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How to Install SQL Workbench For MySQL on Windows?

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MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers & Database Administrators. It provides data modeling, SQL development & comprehensive administration tools for server configuration & user administration. It is available for all major operating systems like Windows, Linux & Mac OS. We have to install MySQL Workbench along with the MySQL Application.

In this article, we will look into the process of installing MySQL Workbench on Windows:

Installing MySQL Workbench on Windows:

Follow the below steps to install  MySQL Workbench on Windows:

Step 1: Browse to the official MySQL Website

 Browse to the official MySQL Website

Step 2: There you will find the Download button.

click on dowload

Step 3: Scroll down & click on MySQL Community (GPL) Downloads.

MySQL Community (GPL)

Step 4: Click on MySQL Installer For Windows.

MySQL Installer For Windows

Step 5: Click on the first Download Link.

Step 6: Then click, No Thanks, Just Start My Download.

Step 7: Click on the Custom button.

Custom button

Step 8: Expand MySQL Server & then expand MySQL Server 8.0.

 expand MySQL Server

Step 9: Then double click on the latest version & click on the drag button.

latest version

Step 10: Then expand Applications & Then expand MySQL Workbench 8.0

expand MySQL Workbench

Step 11: Then double click on the latest version & click on the drag button.

Step 12: Then expand MySQL Shell & then expand MySQL Shell 8.0

expand MySQL Shell

Step 13: Then double click on the latest version & click on the drag button.

Then double click on the latest version & click on the drag button.

Step 14: Click on Next.

Step 15: Click on Execute.


Step 16: Click on Next.

Step 17: Click on Execute.


Step 18: Click on Next.

Step 19: Click on Next.

Step 20: Click on Next

Step 21: Click on Next.

Step 22: Set your Password & Click on Next.

Set your Password

Step 23: Click on Next.

Step 24: Click on Execute.

execute configuration

Step 25: Click on Finish.

finish configuration

Step 26: Click on Next.

Step 27: Click on Finish. 

finfish installation

Step 28: Then Automatically MySQL Workbench Window will open.

Automatically open MySQL Workbench Window

Hence, Your installation is successful.

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Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2021
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