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MySQL DATE Data Type

Last Updated : 17 May, 2024
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MySQL DATE Data Type stores date values in the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD‘ and has a valid range of values from ‘1000-01-01‘ to ‘9999-12-31‘.

DATE Data Type in MySQL

The Data data type in MySQL is used to store date values in a column. During later data analysis, it is necessary to perform date-time operations on the data.

Dates are displayed in the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, but can be inserted using either strings or numbers. If any invalid date is inserted, MySQL will store ‘0000-00-00’ by default.


DATE Data Type Syntax is:

Variable_Name DATE

MySQL DATE Data Type Examples

The following examples will illustrate how we can use Date data type in MySQL in a variable.

Creating a table with DATE Data Type Column Example

In this example, we will create a table ‘StudentDetails’. The table consists of Student_Id, First_name, Last_name, Date_Of_Birth, Class, Contact_Details columns. Among these the data type of Date_Of_Birth column is DATE.


CREATE TABLE StudentDetails (
First_name VARCHAR (100) NOT NULL,
Last_name VARCHAR (100) NOT NULL,
Date_Of_Birth DATE NOT NULL,
Contact_Details BIGINT NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(Student_Id )

Inserting Date into DATE Data Type Column Example

In this example, we will insert data into table. We will also insert date in the Date_Of_Birth column as its data type is Date.


StudentDetails(First_name , Last_name , Date_Of_Birth , Class, Contact_Details)
('Amit', 'Jana', '2004-12-22', 'XI', 1234567890),
('Manik', 'Aggarwal', '2006-07-04', 'IX', 1245678998),
('Nitin', 'Das', '2005-03-14', 'X', 2245664909),
('Priya', 'Pal', '2007-07-24', 'VIII', 3245642199),
('Biswanath', 'Sharma', '2005-11-11', 'X', 2456789761),
('Mani', 'Punia', '2006-01-20', 'IX', 3245675421),
('Pritam', 'Patel', '2008-01-04', 'VII', 3453415421),
('Sayak', 'Sharma', '2007-05-10', 'VIII' , 1214657890);

To verify using the following command as follows.

SELECT * FROM StudentDetails ;

Output :

Student_Id  First_name  Last_name  Date_Of_Birth  Class Contact_Details
1 Amit Jana 2004-12-22 XI 1234567890
2 Manik Aggarwal 2006-07-04 IX 1245678998
3 Nitin Das 2005-03-14 X 2245664909
4 Priya Pal 2007-07-24 VIII 3245642199
5 Biswanath Sharma 2005-11-11 X 2456789761
6 Mani Punia 2006-01-20 IX 3245675421
7 Pritam Patel 2008-01-04 VII 3453415421
8 Sayak Sharma 2007-05-10 VIII 1214657890

So, we have successfully stored the DATE data-type in the Date_Of_Birth Column.

Similary we can create another table ‘ProductDetails’

It consists of ProductId, ProductName, and Manufactured_On  columns, among which the data type for Manufactured_On columns is DATE.


CREATE TABLE ProductDetails(
ProductName VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
Manufactured_On DATE NOT NULL,

Inserting data into the Table –
The CURRENTDATE function is used to assign value in the Manufactured_On column. The return data type for CURRENTDATE function is DATE.


ProductDetails(ProductId, ProductName, Manufactured_On)
(11001, 'ASUS X554L', CURRENT_DATE()) ;

To verify using the following command as follows.

SELECT  * FROM ProductDetails;

Output :

11001 ASUS X554L  2020-12-08

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