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RTRIM() Function in MySQL

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2020
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It is the function in MySQL that is used to remove trailing spaces from a string.

Syntax :


Parameter :
RTRIM() function accepts one parameter as mentioned above and described below.

  • str –The string from which we want to remove trailing spaces.

Returns :
It returns a string after truncating all trailing spaces.

Example-1 :
Removing all the trailing spaces of a given string using RTRIM Function.

SELECT RTRIM ('geeksforgeeks') 
AS RightTrimmedString;  

Output :

| geeksforgeeks        | RightTrimmedString |
| geeksforgeeks        | geeksforgeeks      |

Example-2 :
Removing all the trailing spaces of a given string using RTRIM Function.

AS Tstring;

Output :

| String               | Tstring |
| MySQL                | MySQL   |

Example-3 :
RTRIM Function can also be used to remove all the trailing spaces of column data. To demonstrate create a table named Student.

  Student_id INT AUTO_INCREMENT,  
  Student_name VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
  Student_Class VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY(Student_id )


Inserting some data to the Student table :

(Student_name, Student_Class )
  ('Ananya Majumdar     ', 'IX'),
  ('Anushka Samanta    ', 'X' ),
  ('Aniket Sharma   ', 'XI' ),
  ('Anik Das      ', 'X'  ),
  ('Riya Jain   ', 'IX' ),
  ('Tapan Samanta    ', 'X' ),
  ('Deepak Sharma    ', 'X'  ),
  ('Ankana Jana    ', 'XII'),
  ('Shreya Ghosh    ', 'X') ;

So, the Student Table is as follows.

mysql> select * from Student;

Output :

| Student_id | Student_name         | Student_Class |
|          1 | Ananya Majumdar      | IX            |
|          2 | Anushka Samanta      | X             |
|          3 | Aniket Sharma        | XI            |
|          4 | Anik Das             | X             |
|          5 | Riya Jain            | IX            |
|          6 | Tapan Samanta        | X             |
|          7 | Deepak Sharma        | X             |
|          8 | Ankana Jana          | XII           |
|          9 | Shreya Ghosh         | X             |

Now, we are going to remove all trailing spaces from the Student_name column.

  Student_id,  Student_name,
  RTRIM( Student_name) AS  TrimmedSname 
  FROM Student ;   

Output :

| Student_id | Student_name         | TrimmedSname    |
|          1 | Ananya Majumdar      | Ananya Majumdar |
|          2 | Anushka Samanta      | Anushka Samanta |
|          3 | Aniket Sharma        | Aniket Sharma   |
|          4 | Anik Das             | Anik Das        |
|          5 | Riya Jain            | Riya Jain       |
|          6 | Tapan Samanta        | Tapan Samanta   |
|          7 | Deepak Sharma        | Deepak Sharma   |
|          8 | Ankana Jana          | Ankana Jana     |
|          9 | Shreya Ghosh         | Shreya Ghosh    |

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