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How to Install Android Studio Canary Version?

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Android Studio is an official development environment for building Android apps which is provided by Google. This IDE is built on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA software which is designed for Android development. This version of Android Studio comes with a modern UI toolkit for building native Android UI. It is based on a declarative programming model so you can describe how your UI will look like. In this article, we will take a look at How to install Android Studio Canary Version in Windows Operating System

Why do We Need to Use the Android Studio Canary Version? 

Although it is not necessary to install the canary version of Android Studio. But if we want to check out the latest features in Android studio and develop applications with some new technologies and plugins provided by the Google team then we should install Canary version of Android Studio. The Canary version of Android Studio provides some new features quickly in comparison to the stable version of Android Studio. So if you are looking to build Android applications with the help of Jetpack Compose then you should have to install the Canary version of Android Studio. The Canary version of Android studio will provide you early access to the new features of Android Studio. 

Difference Between Stable Version of Android Studio and Canary Version of Android Studio

Android Studio (Canary Version)

Android Studio (Stable Version)

The canary version of Android studio releases updated weekly.Updates of the android Studio stable version are released monthly.
Canary channel gets the newest releases very early.The Stable channel requires some time to get the newest releases. 
The application built in the Canary version is not preferable for production.The applications built in stable version are preferable for production.
Developers may experience very few issues while using the Canary version because of updating new features weekly. Developers don’t get to face any issues while using the stable version. 
Canary versions may give sometimes some annoying bugs which will sometimes become really difficult to solve. The Stable version will not give developers such kind of annoying bugs while developing Android applications. 

Steps to Install Android Studio Canary Version in Windows OS

Step 1: Browse the below link to go to the download page of Android Studio  

Click on the link here to navigate to the Android Studio Canary version. 

Step 2: Click on the download button

Click on the download button which is displayed on the screen. Make sure to click on Canary build. 

After clicking on the Download button you will get to see below dialog screen. 

Tick the box I have read and agree with the terms and conditions and click on the Download button. After that, your zip file will be downloaded. Move that file to the appropriate folder and extract that file. After extracting that file you will get to see the folder name as Android Studio. 

Step 3: Navigate to Android Studio Application

After extracting the downloaded file then Navigate to the android-studio > bin > and click on the Android Studio application which is named studio64. On Android Studio launch you can get to see two options such that Click on Do not import setting options and proceed further. After that, you will get to see the below screen. 

The first time launch will take some time because of downloading some files. Then you have to click on the Next option and just move forward. The steps will be the same as that of installing Android Studio. You can take a look at the Guide to install Android Studio. After successful installation of Android Studio, you will get to see the below screen. 

Now your Android Studio is installed successfully. 

Step 4: Click on New Project to start a new project

After installation of Android Studio, you can click on Create New Project to proceed with new project creation. 

Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021
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