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How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome?

Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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Chrome is the most popular browser for internet users. chrome is an open-source program for accessing. Chrome is stable and easy-to-use web browser however, it is not the fastest browser in the world or India. it has some issues with ram management and downloading speed. if you are facing slow downloading speed here are some methods to increase download speed in chrome are as follows. 

1. Chrome Enable Parallel Downloading:

Parallel downloading is an alternative way to increase speed in Google Chrome, in the parallel downloading flag was introduced in Chrome to download files at an increased speed. To enable parallel downloading tap on chrome and open flags through the following link and enable parallel downloading.



2. Close Unused Tabs While Downloading Files:

Each tab in the Chrome browser consumes resources, chrome has little resources to utilize when the number of tabs more, and you are downloading files. Therefore, a lack of RAM resources reduced the speed of the download process. Chrome has its Task Manager that helps to identify which processes consume the most and least network resources on your browser. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of chrome to open the task manager and click on more tools, there is an option for task manager click it. To identify the processes consuming more resources, arrange them in ascending order by clicking on the end any task in the task manager select it and click the end process button, present in the lower right corner.


3. Update the Version of Chrome: 

Chrome updates can remove hidden issues and increase its performance. Chrome download speed may be slow if you are not using the updated version of chrome.
to check the chrome is updated or not, follow these steps.

  • Click the three dots, present in the right top corner
  • Go to help, there is an option about Google Chrome click it.


If your chrome is updated you will see the message that Chrome is up-to-date. if not first update then downloads files .enable auto-update.

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