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How to Enable the God Mode in Windows to Get Complete Control of all PC Settings?

Last Updated : 01 Jun, 2021
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If you are a Windows user, then you might have heard about the special God Mode in Windows 10. It is the secret hidden folder that gives easy access to all the control panel settings. If you want to know more about this, then keep reading. Here we have talked about what God mode is and how you can enter that mode.

What is God Mode?

In Windows, God Mode is a Special Shortcut available that gives you quick access to every setting and command of the Control Panel in a single folder.

You know there are hundreds of options available in the control panel of Windows, so it is hard to find all of them. So here God Mode helps us out. Actually, God Mode doesn’t add any extra features or functionality, but it combines all the commands/ settings in a single folder so that users can find the required settings and navigate to them quickly.  Windows God Mode actually has the name “Windows Master Control Panel“, but due to its special properties, it is referred to as a God Mode.

Setup God Mode:

But how do you set up & use God Mode in Windows? So keep reading. Here are the steps mentioned to enter a God Mode.

Step 1: Creation of New Folder.

First, right-click on Empty space on the desktop, Click on New, and Create a New Folder.

Create a New Folder

Step 2: Give a unique code assigned for a god mode as a folder name.

After you create a New Folder, it will ask you for a name for a new folder. Paste the given unique code as the name of that folder and hit Enter.  


Give a unique code assigned for a god mode as a folder name

Note: God Mode is activated only when the folder’s name is the same as the name given above, so please copy & paste it carefully.

Step 3: God Mode is created Successfully.

As you press Enter, you will see this type of icon on the folder you have created. So congratulations, you have successfully entered a Windows Master Control Panel, i.e GOD MODE.

God Mode icon

After opening God Mode, you can see that there are about 33 different categories in which nearly 200 different settings are available. You can go to any setting related to its category, or you can directly search for it in the top-right search box.

Different categories of control panel which contain nearly 201 items

The name GodMode does not appear as an icon name, but it appears in the title bar when you open the window. If you don’t like the name and want to change it, you can change it. Just right-click on the icon. Notice that the name field is blank, select Rename from the menu and type the new name in the blank field. Now open the program and the new name appears in the title bar.  

Note that you can create this God Mode in any location on your PC, but the usual location is the desktop as it is easily accessible.

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