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How to create superuser in Django?

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Django provides us Admin Panel for it’s users. So we need not worry about creating a separate Admin page or providing authentication feature as Django provides us that feature. Before using this feature, you must have migrated your project, otherwise the superuser database will not be created. How to create superuser in Django?

For creating superuser, first reach the same directory as that of and run the following command:

python createsuperuser

Then enter the Username of your choice and press enter.

Username: srishti

Then enter the Email address and press enter.(It can be left blank)

Email address:

Next, enter the Password in-front of the Password field and press enter.Enter a strong password so as to keep it secure.

Password: ******  

Then again enter the same Password for confirmation.

Password(again): ******

Superuser created successfully if above fields are entered correctly.

Image shown after above steps done 

Now we can login into our Django Admin page by running the command python runserver . Then, open a Web browser and go to “/admin/” on your local domain – e.g., and then enter the same Username and Password.


Django admin page

Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2020
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