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GoIbibo Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2019

Round 1: Aptitude Test(Pen-paper based Written round)

The aptitude test consisted of 8 questions. 3 questions were to test our general coding aptitude. The coding questions were simple implementation problems. The next 4 questions were simple theoretical Data Structures, algorithms questions to test our puzzle-solving and technical skills. The last question was to test our creativity by asking us ways to improve WhatsApp for senior citizens. The result came the next morning and I was one of the selected students. We were then called for the technical interviews.

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Round 2: 1st Technical Interview
The first technical round started the next day. There was a little discussion of my projects. Then I was tested mainly on my coding skills. My first question was to return all the pair(s) of indexes whose sum would result in a target number. I could figure out 3 ways for that. I had to write the whole code for the same. Then I was asked to write the full code to find the intersection point of two linked lists. I told 3 ways and coded the most efficient one. I was also asked about the algorithm for the traveling salesman problem. I explained that correctly. The result came later that day and I was selected for the next round.

Round 3: 2nd Technical Interview
The second technical round started later that day. Since I was tested for my coding skills in the first round, this interview mainly revolved around my projects. I was a given system design questions in this round to designing a micro-service based architecture. They asked me a little bit about my internship but they mainly dived deep into the whereabouts of my project-work. I was able to successfully tackle the questions asked by then and was selected for the next round. The round was mainly to judge how good we are at what we claim to know about. They touched the words mentioned in the CV in length and breadth.

Round 4: HR interview
The HR managers were one of the calmest people that you can meet. Although the whole interview process was so tireless, the HR round was just like having a chat with a friend over a tea(there was no tea of course). They asked me about myself and my interest. We mainly discussed my future vision for my career. I shared my vision and different innovative projects that I would love to be a part of if I would be working at goIbibo. The result came and I was selected for the zoom call round scheduled the next week.

Zoom Call Round
This round is mainly conducted to have an interaction with the senior technical managers of the organization (through video conferencing over Zoom) as well as to test the candidate for his knowledge about the basics of computer science subjects. In this round, I was initially given 2 implementation problems. The interviewer even helped me figure out the solutions if I was deviating from the correct approach. They were just to test the basic aptitude of the candidate. Then they came to the basics of computer science. I was from an ECE background but was comfortable with them. They firstly asked about TCP/IP concepts from Computer Networks. They further tested my Operating Systems concept by asking about threading and synchronization algorithms. The interview ran for about 50 minutes testing me in length and breadth about different concepts. They were mainly interested in testing our core Computer-Science concepts like those of OS, DBMS, and Networks.

The results came a week later and I was finally selected as a software developer. I am looking forward to joining the GoIbibo family.

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