GATE CS 2021 Official Important Dates

IIT Bombay is organizing GATE 2021. In this year, The GATE authority 2021 has made major changes and has also revised the syllabus of various GATE Papers.

They also increase the number of consecutive days from three weeks to two weeks, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Before, it GATE exam was organized in three weeks but not it is going in only two weeks (may because of COVID-19 pandemic).

GATE CS 2021 Official Important Dates :

These are Official date(s) of the respective event of the GATE 2021 exam :

Activity Day Date(s)
GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) Website Opens Monday 14th September 2020
Closing Date of REGULAR online registration / application portal Wednesday 30th September 2020
End of EXTENDED period for online registration / application
(with late fee)
Wednesday 7th October 2020
Last Date for change of category, paper and examination city
(an additional fee will be applicable)
Friday 13th November 2020
Availability of Admit Card on the Online Application Portal
(for download and printing)
Friday 8th January 2021
GATE 2021 Examination
Forenoon:  9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Afternoon: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

5th February 2021
6th February 2021
7th February 2021

12th February 2021
13th February 2021
14th February 2021 
Announcement of results in the Online Application Portal Monday 22nd March 2021

Important Note :

The health and safety of the candidates are of utmost priority. Due to current COVID-19 pandemic situation, dates mentioned here are subject to change. In rare cases, it may be necessary to postpone the GATE 2021 examination because of situations beyond the control of GATE committee. All updates will be available on this website.

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