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GATE Mock Test Series Free – GATE CS/IT or GATE Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2024
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Are you a GATE aspirant with CS/IT? If yes, you must be occupied by your GATE 2025 Exam preparations. As you know, the GATE 2025 Exam is set to occur in February 2025. You must want to analyze your preparation and performance for the GATE 2025 Exam.

GATE Mock Test Series

Boost your preparation with GeeksforGeeks’s FREE GATE CS 2025 – All India Mock or GATE Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – All India Mock 2025. Our Experts and toppers designed this Mock Test to help you cover the full syllabus, improve your grades, and crack GATE! Join now for an exciting mock test experience.

GATE Mock Test Series By GeeksforGeeks

Since GATE has introduced special papers covering topics like Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. GFG has also launched GATE Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – All India Mock 2025 for the first time, covering topics such as Probabilities and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, AI, and more.

This GATE 2025 Mock is the simulation of the real GATE Exam, So attempting this FREE Online Mock Test will surely boost your GATE Exam Preparation. This Mock Test is specially designed to help you excel in the GATE exam. The Test consists of the complete GATE 2025 Syllabus for CSE Students. Students can also practice Previous Years’ GATE CSE and IT Papers and can improve their grade points.

Benefits of GATE-Mock Test Papers

Let’s help you on your journey of clearing GATE CS/IT 2024 in one attempt.

  • In this Mock, you will find MCQ, MSQ, and NAT-type questions.
  • This is a flexible contest, this contest is for 3 hours between 16th-17th December 2025.
  • This Mock will help you know your strong and weak points to help you improve your score for the upcoming GATE 2025 Exam.
  • This Mock will familiarize you with the examination mode, and pattern and will help you practice in the real-time scenario.

Click here to Register Now – GATE Mock Test Series By GeeksforGeeks

Instructions for the Contest

  1. Go through various question palette symbols and understand their meanings before starting the examination.
  2. After the start of the examination, you can view all the questions by clicking on the Question Paper button on the screen.
  3. This question paper consists of 2 sections, the General Aptitude (GA) section for 15 marks and the subject-specific section (CS) for 85 marks. Both these sections are compulsory.
  4. The GA section consists of 10 sections. Question numbers 1 to 5 questions of 1 mark each, while question numbers 6 to 10 are of 2 marks each.
  5. The subject-specific CS section consists of 55 questions, out of which 25 questions are of 1 mark each, while 30 questions are of 2 marks each.The questions are jumbled and the marking scheme for each question can be seen at the top of the screen.
  6. Use the data given in the question while answering that question. If such data are not given, and the paper has useful data, then the same can be viewed by clcking on the Useful Data button that appears at the top, right hand side of the screen.
  7. The question paper consists of MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions), MSQ (Multi-Select Questions), and NAT(Numerical Answer Type).
  8. Multiple Choice Questions have four sections A,B,C,D, out of which only ONE is the correct answer. Select the answer the clicking on the radio button placed before the choice, with the help of the mouse.
  9. For Numerical Answer Type, a numerical answer should be entered with the help of the mpurse and virtual numeric keyboard, which will appear below the question.
  10. All those questions that are not attempted will carry zero marks. However, wrong answers of MCQ will carry NEGATIVE marks. For MCQ, a wrong answer will lead to a deduction of 1/3 marks for a 1 mark question and 2/3 marks for a 2 mark question. There is no negative marking for MSQ and NAT questions.
  11. Your answers will be saved on the server periodically and also at the end of the examination which will stop at the end of 180 minutes.


So hurry up and register for the GATE 2025 Mock Test now! This Mock paper will definitely help you in clearing GATE in first attempt as it has been prepared by the GATE mentors, Register for the GATE 2025-All India Mock .

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FAQs on GATE 2025 Exam

1. Who will design GATE 2025 paper?

IISc Banglore will Design GATE 2025 Exam paper.

2. How many hours should I study for GATE?

GATE Exam is one of the toughest Exam conducted All Over India, Many students aspire to crack this exam with good marks. Due to so much of competition among the students, candidates must study effectively. According to the experts, dedicated 6 to 8 hours for study is enough to crack GATE with good score.

3. Who is eligible for GATE exam 2025?

Aspirants who’re interested in appearing for GATE 2025 must have a bachelor’s degree in egineering, technology, or a master’s degree in any relevant scientific field. Those who’re in their final year of undergraduate/postgraduate studies are also eligible to apply.

4. How to crack gate 2025 in first attempt?

To crack GATE 2024 in first attempt, you must follow the high-quality and exam-relevant study materials which you can get in Ultimate Crash Course – GATE 2025 CS/IT which is specially designed for the CS/IT learners.

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