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Factset Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2021

Hello Everyone recently I had an interview with factset, it was overall a nice experience for me. 

First Round (Written Round): 

This was Pen and Paper coding round, 3 questions were asked and 90 min were there to solve them. 

1) Maximum sum rectangle in 2-D matrix. 
2) Find number of pairs such that x^y > y^x. 
3) Find path with given sum in a binary tree. 
Second Round (Face to Face): 

1) Check if a binary tree is BST or not (Code required). 
2) Matrix Multiplication – First I got confused in this but finally I coded it. 
3) Find nth node from last in Linked List. 
4) Small discussion on the project. 

Third Round (Face to Face): 

1) Tell me about yourself. 
2) Difference between pointer to constant and constant pointer. 
3) static keyword. 
4) Height of Binary Tree without recursion. 
5) Median in a running stream of integers. 

Fourth Round (HR): 

This was final HR round, interviewer was very nice he was listening my answers properly this was the best HR I had faced. 

1) Tell me about yourself. 
2) Asked about my family background – He felt good to hear that I live in a joint family. 
3) Why you will didn’t joined your father’s business. 
4) Any reallocation problem. 
5) Are you comfortable in working on new technologies. 
and many Hr questions. 

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