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Factset Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

Recently, Factset came in our college for campus drive. The complete process took 2 days.

1st Round
It was a pen & paper round where we were asked to write 3 codes:

  1. Concatenate the given n strings to make a single string such that on combining two strings the last character of first string should be same as the first char of next string.
    For example:
    Input: ab2c,h23f2,c4dsh
    Output: ab2cc4dshh23f2
  2. Print the covered and uncovered nodes of binary search tree.(similar to bounded and unbounded elements of binary tree.)
  3. Find the next palindrome number.
    For example:
     i/p: 206
     o/p: 212

2nd ROUND: (technical interview)
I was asked to write code for 2 questions on strings. 1st was to convert a string ie. aabbbccx to a2b3c2x1 without using extra space. I did it in O(n).

He gave me another question of converting the string ie. “axxbyybc” to “ac”. ie. eliminate the two consecutive characters every time they appear in a string. I did it again in O(n) time complexity after a few hints using three pointers.

He was quite impressed and sent me to next interviewer.

3rd ROUND: (technical interview)
He discussed my projects and asked me to explain some of the algorithms that I used in my projects. After that the actual interview began. He asked me questions related to the concepts of:

  • OOPs, difference between c and c++,
  • Normalisation in DBMS and then gave me some SQL queries on groupby and having clauses.
  • He gave me a standard question to write a code for finding LCS
  • Next question was to find the largest palindrome using only delete and swap operation. i.e. for a string “abac”, longest possible palindrome is “aba” or “aca”.

4th ROUND: (HR interview)
He asked me which technologies have I used so far. He started with normal questions like tell me about yourself, why you want to join factset, why are you doing, what are your further plans etc. Then he said that nowadays people are preferring PSUs over private companies, and then asked so what’s my take on that. Then finally he asked whether I’ll be comfortable in south places like Hyderabad and Banglore.

Finally they announced the results and selected 11 people from our college. I was one of them 🙂


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