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L&T Infotech Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)

Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020
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Shortlisting for Test: Around 300 students applied for the on-campus internship program of L&T Infotech out of which 140 students were shortlisted for the online tests based on CG criteria and resume.

Test Pattern: The test consisted of three sections- Basic English, MCQs based on pseudo-codes, and two coding questions. In the English section, a total of 26 questions was there which consisted of a few grammar-based questions, word meanings, and paragraph-based questions. The MCQs were not much difficult as most of them were based on the basics and simple logic forming ability of the student. The third part consisted of two coding questions which mainly tested the logic building capacity of the students keeping in mind the boundary cases.

After the test, there was a directly HR-round interview.

HR Interview: It started with a basic introduction from both sides followed by basic questions like tell me about yourself, family background, etc. After finishing the basic questions, they asked about the things I learned during the lockdown and my daily schedule during the lockdown. After this, they tried to have some insights about my reaction during various difficult situations that anyone might face in the IT industry. At last, they asked about the preferred location of the internship from available choices. 

Result: Selected

Tips: Try to be confident while you answer and whenever the interviewer ask if you have any queries, at first ask them for some constructive feedback and how they would have responded in different situations that they came up with.

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