FactSet Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019-2020

FactSet visited our campus in the last week of July. I got job offer from FactSet. So, I think I am eligible to write interview experience.

Profile : Software Engineer

type : Job and Intership(4 months)


Round 1:

First Test was written coding test. It had 3 questions and 75 min. We were supposed to write the main logic function in each question.The given coding questions were very easy . If you are good at basic coding you can select for next round easily.

From our college 17 students are selected for next round .

Technical Interview – 1::

There where 7-8 interviews going on simultaneously. Some had only one interviewer and some had 2. Interview questions were totally based on data structure and algorithm skills. They were looking at how you approach towards solution and how efficient you can make it. Each candidate was asked 2-3 questions and it lasted almost an hour for all.

My interview lasted almost 1hr and 45min. It started with some simple questions on resumes like I mentioned c++ and Java, So he asked why i use c++, why do you use c++ more as compared to Java? He also asked about the test. Then he asked me 2 questions.

These 2 questions are same for all students. 9 students are selected for next round.


Technical Interview – 2 ::

There were two interviewers and they were very supportive. First they started with my project asking basic questions and then moved to data structures and algorithms.It lasted for 2hr and 45 min.  They asked me three questions :

7 students are selected for HR round.

HR round ::

Interview Questions:

  1. About family background
  2. Why factset?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Can you work any given role to you?
  5. Do you want to go for post graduation? why?
  6. What 5 things you look for before joining any organization/company?
  7. Basic technical questions base on your resume.

Finally 6 students are selected  for the company and I am one of them

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