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Factset Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus)

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Factset came to our college for campus recruitment drive.

Round 1(Written):

(around 200 students sat for this round)
It was a pen and paper coding round and consisted of 3 coding questions.

Question 1: Given a matrix of size m*n and a starting index, find the longest path length from this index traversing only those elements whose difference from the current element is equal to k. (30 marks)
Hint: use DFS

Question 2: This question was related to Morris traversal of trees, in which sum of all tree nodes data had to be calculated without using stack or recursion. (20 marks)

Question 3: This was a simple question in which an integer was given and we had to give maximum number by swapping only 2 digits.Example: 6425 gives 6524 (10 marks)

After this round, 26 students were shortlisted for the personal interviews to be conducted the next day

Round 2 (PI Round 1):

I was first asked to introduce myself and then I was given 3 questions one after the another and asked to write the proper code for each of them. It was a one on one interview.

Question 1: Given a Binary Tree check whether it’s a BST or not.

Since I had already seen this question, I gave all the approaches correctly.

Question 2: Decrypt an encrypted string given in the form 4[a]2[b] = aaaabb 4[a2[b]]=abbabbabbabb. I solved this question using stack and STL.

Question 3: Given an integer in the form of a string, delete k digits from it such that the resulting number is maximum.

After this round, 15 students went forward to the 2nd PI round.

Round 3 (PI Round 2):

This was also a pure technical coding round. There were 2 panelists.

Question 1: Given an array of strings and an integer k, arrange the strings in multiple lines in a justified format such that there are k characters in each line and there is at least single character space between two strings, and space should be distributed uniformly between words in a line.
Example: {“This”,”is”,”an”,”array”,”of”,”strings”}
Expected output:
This is an
array of
The approach I applied was to first see which all words can be accommodated in the current line giving the bare minimum of 1 character space between two words as mentioned in the problem statement. Then I calculated the number of empty spaces in the line and distributed it uniformly amongst the words.

Question 2: In this question, we had to find the majority element and give all the possible ways to solve this question, including Moore’s voting algorithm.

Question 3: In this, we had to find the maximum leaf to leaf path sum. This is similar to the diameter of a tree code.

Question 4: In this question, I was asked which DS is used to implement phonebook in mobile phones. I said Trie and so I was asked to give its node structure and explain insertion and search operations.
Trie | (Insert and Search)

Round 4 (HR Interview):

Discussion about internships, projects, and college experience.
Some standard questions like why do you want to join Factset? why should we hire you? where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hobbies and interests.

After these rounds, 10 students were selected from our college. I, fortunately, was one of them.

The interviewers were very helpful and guided whenever I got stuck. I was asked to write codes for all questions except for the last question of the 3rd round.

Be confident, the interviewers want to check your approach towards questions and your conceptual knowledge.

I am really thankful to Geeks For Geeks for playing an instrumental in my preparation for campus interviews. I would have been truly difficult without you guys.

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Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019
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