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Difference between MongoDB and ActivePivot

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2020
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1. MongoDB :
MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database used for high volume data storage. It falls under classification of NoSQL database. NoSQL tool means that it doesn’t utilize usual rows and columns. MongoDB uses BSON (document storage format) which is binary style of JSON documents.

2. ActivePivot :
ActivePivot is an in-memory DBMS combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data. This database uses a columnar storage architecture along with dictionary compression and binary representation of Java objects. It is one of the core products of the French company ActiveViam – once known as Quartet FS, which was founded in 2005.

Difference between MongoDB and ActivePivot :

1.It is developed By MongoDB, Inc in 2009.It is developed By ActiveViam.
2.It is Open SourceIt is commercial.
3.It is written in C++It is written in Java
4.Its Primary database model is a Document store.Its primary database model is Object oriented DBMS.
5.It has mapReduce methodsIt has no mapReduce methods
6.It supports read-only SQL queries via the MongoDB Connector for BIIt supports Multidimensional Expressions (MDX).
7.It has In-memory capabilities.It does not have In-memory capabilities.
8.It supports Server-side scripting using JavaScript.It supports Server-side scripting using post-processors in Java.
9.It supports Partitioning methods using ShardingIt supports Partitioning methods using Sharding, horizontal partitioning

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