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Difference between Logistic Management and Operation Management

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1. Logistics Management :
Logistics Management, as name suggests, is a part of supply chain management that mainly focuses on management, movement, and storage of materials and goods as well as providing satisfaction to customer.

2. Operation Management :
Operation Management, as name suggests, is a management that mainly focuses production details and operations to create and increase efficiency within organization as well as focuses in converting material and labor into goods and services.

Difference between Logistic Management and Operation Management :

Logistic Management Operation Management
It mainly focuses on management of movement of goods and services. It mainly focuses on management of operation i.e. focuses on production of goods.
It turns product flow into effective flow and increases customer satisfaction. It turns input into output i.e. products, goods, etc.
It mainly deals with planning and movement of goods from one location to another as per demand. It mainly deals with designing and controlling production process and organizational functions.
It also manages storage of products or goods and security. It also manages efficiency of production to produce maximum results.
Process of logistic management includes organizing and implementing operation. Process of operation management includes planning, organizing, and monitoring processes as well as improving process for increasing profitability.
Various tools of logistic management includes scandit, easy stock, service max, etc.   Various tools of operation management includes warehouse management tools, order processing tools, demand forecast tools, etc.
This management provides various benefits such as saves costs, improves quality control, increase customer satisfaction, improves efficiency, etc. This management provides various benefits such as increases product quality, reduces operating cost, increases productivity, improves company’s competitive standing, etc.
Various logistic management software’s are SAP Business one, Acumatica ERP, EnVision, etc. Various operation management softwares are uniTEX, Classpro, FlexiMobile, etc.

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Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020
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