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Difference between Logistic Management and Channel Management

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2021
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1. Logistic Management : 
Logistic management, as name suggests, is a part of supply chain process that handles movement of right amount of product to appropriate place at given period of time. 

2. Channel Management : 
Channel Management as name suggest, is simply management that is widely used in sales marketing and helps in developing programs and techniques for selling and improving customer service within particular channel. 

Difference between Logistic Management and Channel Management :

Logistic Management Channel Management
It mainly focuses management of products or raw materials and physical distribution. It mainly focuses on management of marketing techniques along with sales strategies.
Logistic manager have more responsibilities than Channel manager. Channel manager have less responsibilities than project manager.
Activities of logistic management includes packaging, control inventories, order processing, transportation, etc. Activities of channel management includes understanding target market, pricing strategies, sales staff training, promotion and advertising, etc.
Main objective of logistic management to efficiently and effectively manage supply chain activities and extend desired level of customer service. Main objective of channel management is to develop and establish a better relationship among customer and business or product.
It deals with flow within company or organization and among companies and it suppliers as well as customers. It deals with administration of existing channels simply to secure cooperation of channels members in achieving objective of firm distribution.
Types of logistics includes sales logistics, procurement logistics, production logistics, recovery logistics, recycling logistics, etc. Types of channels includes direct selling, dual distribution, reverse channels, etc.
Logistic manager work is more difficult than channel manager. Channel manager work is less difficult than that of logistic manager.
Process of logistic management includes inbound logistic traffic i.e. raw materials, tool, components, equipment’s, etc. and outbound logistic traffic i.e. moving final product out of warehouse inventory and meeting customer demands. Process of channel management includes analyzing customer, establish channel objectives, specify distribution tasks, evaluate and selection, evaluating channel member performance.

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