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Difference between Logistic Management and Distribution Management

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1. Logistics Management :
Logistics Management, as name suggests, is a part of supply chain management that helps business or companies to deliver better service to their customer and help them to properly manage flow of goods as well as control over inbound freight.

2. Distribution Management :
Distribution Management, as name suggests, is a management that mainly focuses distribution of products and stream line supply chain to ensure optimum utilization of resources and materials required for production at lowest price.

Difference between Logistic Management and Distribution Management :

Logistics ManagementDistribution Management
It mainly focuses on control and management of flow and storage of goods and services or products into and out of company.It mainly focuses on activities related to movement of end product at each and every step starting from production line to customer.
It simply handles distributing products i.e. supply chain activities.It simply handles physical movement of product and deliver right goods to right customer on time at correct place.
Logistic management is more efficient and is responsible for fulfilling customer demands.Transport management is less efficient and is responsible for maintaining stable prices.
It deals with packaging, flow of information, material handling, production, transportation, inventory management, etc.It deals with order processing, customer service, inventory control, packaging and materials, etc. and is important part of business cycle for both distributors and wholesalers.
Types of logistic includes supply, distribution. production and reverse logistics.Types of distribution includes supplying distribution, carriers, cargo planes, sales and distribution, etc.
Process of logistic management includes planning, implementing, controlling efficient, effective forward and reserve flow as well as storage of goods and services.Process of distribution management includes analyzing and planning movement of goods or products.
Its main objective is to meet fulfill customer demand on time and in cost-effective manner.Its main objective is to deal with physical placement of necessary goods to large number of customers that are living at different locations.
Its benefit includes increase customer service, create visibility into supply chain, increases efficiency, saves cost.Its benefit includes increase improving enterprise time management, easy inventory monitoring, saves cost, etc.

Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020
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