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Difference between Logistic Management and Warehouse Management

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1. Logistics Management :
Logistics Management, as name suggests, is a part of supply chain management that carefully control goods both entering and leaving company premises and ensures that company run smoothly.

2. Warehouse Management :
Warehouse Management, as name suggests, is a management that mainly focuses on management and storage of raw materials for production and other activities such as shipping, receiving, picking of goods, etc.

Difference between Logistic Management and Warehouse Management :

Logistic Management Warehouse Management
It mainly focuses on control and management of flow of goods in to and out of warehouse. It mainly focuses on storage of raw material, goods or services for production or sale.
It simply handles flow of work in order to fulfill customer expectations along with those of organization. It simply handles material physically and make sure it all runs in best optimal way possible.
It deals with integration of information flow, material handling, inventory, transportation, often security, etc. It deals with tracking inventory management, managing new stock, picking, receiving and put away stocks.
Types of logistic includes recycling logistics, recovery logistics, production logistics, sales logistics, etc. Types of warehouse includes public warehouse, climate-controlled warehouse, fulfillment center, distribution center, etc.
Process of logistic management includes organizing and implementing operation and also handles transporting and storing of goods from one location to another. Process of warehouse management includes unloading, receiving, storing, checking and distributing goods or products.
Its main objective is to reduce operational expenses and improve performance. Its main objective is to keep operation cost low as much as possible and increase profit margin.
Its benefit includes improve efficiency and reduce costs, provide better service to their customer, boost revenue, etc. Its benefit includes increase inventory visibility, optimized supply chain, minimize business risk, spot stocking, etc.

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Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020
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