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Difference between Adhoc Testing and Monkey Testing

  • Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2021

Prerequisite – Software Testing

1. Adhoc Testing
Adhoc testing is a type of software testing which is performed informally and randomly after the formal testing is completed to find out any loophole in the system. For this reason, it is also known as Random testing or Monkey testing. Adhoc testing is not performed in an structured way so it is not based on any methodological approach. That’s why Adhoc testing is a type of Unstructured Software Testing.

2. Monkey Testing :
Monkey testing is a type of software testing which is performed based on some random inputs without any test cases and checks the behavior of the system and confirms whether it crashes or not. So based on the pattern of Monkey testing, it is also known as Random testing, Fuzz Testing or Stochastic Testing. It is a type of random testing and no test cases used in this testing. In Monkey Testing a user or a tester or a developer can test the system to confirm whether it performs the desired set of actions.

Difference between Adhoc testing and Monkey testing :

Adhoc Testing

Monkey Testing

Adhoc testing is random and does not rely on or use Test Cases.Since, this is also random in nature, therefore test cases are not used in monkey testing.
The purpose of the tester in adhoc testing is to crash the application or find a fault by using the application randomly.Tests are randomly executed with random or invalid data to check for crashes or not in monkey testing.
In Adhoc testing a group of testers tests whatever they think is required as per their knowledge of the application,Here tester will not have much knowledge about the application, and they do not test in specific path. They test randomly by clicking on random objects and entering the random and invalid data to check id the application giver an error or nor.
Adhoc testing is performed by the group of developers or testers who has good knowledge of the application.Monkey testing can be performed by an individual who does not have a good knowledge of the application.
In Adhoc Testing, sometimes resolving error based on identified issues is difficult as no written test cases and documents are there.In monkey testing, tester performs tests randomly with random data reproducing defect is almost impossible.
To make adhoc testing more accurate, testers needs good knowledge on product as well as testing concept to perfectly identified the issues in any model.To make monkey testing more accurate, testers that are needed must have good technical knowledge of the domain.
Adhoc testing, it does not provide any assurance that the error will be definitely identified.The accuracy in monkey testing is very less, and it doesn’t always give the correct result.
In Adhoc testing finding one error may take some uncertain period of time.Monkey testing can go longer as there is no predefined tests and can find less number of bugs which may cause loopholes in the system.


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